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JetBlue Gives Free Upgrades to Passengers Named Bill



Is your name Bill? Do you have a flight booked on JetBlue over the next few weeks? Well then, you’re in luck: the airline is rewarding all Bill-named passengers with a complimentary Ever More Speed pass, which will get them to the front of the security line. Their reason for doing so is a little silly…

Another Baltimore Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing



On Sunday, a JetBlue plane flying from Boston to Baltimore was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia after the flight crew smelled smoke in the cabin. It was an abundance-of-caution type thing, and no one was hurt.

Then, on Monday, an AirTran plane flying from Baltimore to Austin, Texas, was forced to land in Memphis, Tenn. Some guy (who, I’m assuming, was also smoking in the bathroom on the JetBlue flight) tried to open two emergency exits, which are conveniently located throughout the cabin in case you need to create an emergency mid-flight.