Is your name Bill? Do you have a flight booked on JetBlue over the next few weeks? Well then, you’re in luck: the airline is rewarding all Bill-named passengers with a complimentary Ever More Speed pass, which will get them to the front of the security line. Their reason for doing so is a little silly…

They want to get Bills moving through Washington. Get it? “Whatever our personal politics are, we’d all like to see good legislation moving through Washington,” said Marty St. George, the airline’s vice president of marketing. “JetBlue is doing our part to keep ‘Bills’ moving by offering them an Even More Speed pass through security. And because we’re not picky we’ll take any ‘Bill’ — Bill, Billy, William, Willa, Billie — heck, we’ll even offer it to Guillermos and Willems!”

The upgrade is valid for all Bills and Bill-ish people and their families traveling through BWI, Dulles, or National airports through October 31. Your feeling about this promotion will probably depend on your name. If you’re a Stephanie, a Chris, a Caroline, a Sara, an Anthony, etc., you might think it’s a little cheesy. But if you’re a Billy, you’re probably stoked.