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MICA Professor Forcibly Removed from Southwest Flight at BWI Plans to Sue

Still from video shot by Bill Dumas, shared via YouTube

The pregnant woman who was dragged off of a Southwest Airlines flight at BWI Airport last week is pushing back against the narrative given by the airline, saying she didn’t actually tell staff she had a life-threatening allergy. She’s also arguing she was racially profiled.

Passenger Removed From Southwest Airlines Plane at BWI


A woman was removed from a Southwest Airlines flight at BWI Airpot on Tuesday night after reporting a life-threatening allergy to two dogs aboard the plane.

BWI Has a New Airport Lounge For Recharging Before a Flight


BWI has been adding more amenities like local music and gyms, but the airport has been without a passenger lounge since the Airspace closed last year. That’s changing today.

Even the TSA Couldn’t Resist Puns After Finding an Unusual Knife at BWI


Social media managers with big organizations are always looking to own a story, and that can require a break from protocol.

Frequent Fliers Can Sign Up for TSA Precheck at Johns Hopkins Hospital Next Week


TSA BWITravelers who don’t want to wait in an airport line to sign up for the process that lets you skip airport lines have an option next week. 

BWI Airport Unveils Enhancements Just in Time for Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving travelers flying out of BWI this week should be relieved to hear the airport has a couple improvements being unveiled today that should reduce pedestrian congestion.

Nonstop Flights from BWI to San Diego Coming Next Year



A flight from BWI is going to be able to get you directly to San Diego, by way of Alaska.

Three Travelers Tried to Bring Loaded Guns Onto BWI Flights in Five Days



We all have our forgetful moments when traveling — the misplaced shampoo, the left-behind toothbrush, the unpacked bathing suit. But three people flying out of BWI this past week each had a different issue: Each forgot to mention they had stashed away a loaded handgun.