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Soon You’ll Be Able to Fly from Hagerstown to BWI


southerairwayBWI’s expanding roster of destinations has brought Baltimore a number of new flight options over the last year, with flights to Iceland opening up cheap European trips, and various island getaway spots joining the roster. The latest move makes it easier to get around in Maryland. 

Flights From BWI to London are About to Get a Bigger Plane

787 Dreamliner

When it comes to international flights, BWI got on the map over the last year as one of two airports with cheap flights to Iceland. The latest news isn’t about a destination that’s quite as exotic, but does involve a cool plane.

Southwest Airlines Adds More Direct Flights Out of BWI for Summer


southwestJust like you, Southwest Airlines is thinking about summer plans now that we’re back on daylight savings time. The airline has a few new direct flight options out of BWI.

Don’t Wear Your Gun-Shaped Shoes to BWI, Please



Yesterday, a woman with cutting-edge fashion sense tried to catch a flight at BWI. There was just one little problem with her shoes…

New Options for Iceland, California Travel from BWI

Sacramento's Tower Bridge
Sacramento’s Tower Bridge

BWI’s itinerary keeps expanding, especially when it comes to airlines that are billed as more affordable than the old standbys. This week, Southwest and WOW Air announced new destination options.

‘Possible’ Whale Bones Found in BWI Baggage

"Possible whale bones" (courtesy U.S. Government)
“Possible whale bones” (courtesy U.S. Government)

One of BWI’s increasingly frequent flights to Iceland turned up some luggage that will probably be talked about around the airport security checkpoints for a long time to come.

Wye Oak’s Jenn Wasner Kicks Off BWI Baggage Claim’s Winter Music Lineup


business-traveler-waits-luggagecatch of the day fish (2)Animal Collective provided the sounds of Baltimore-born bands through BWI on a busy travel day. In the coming weeks, a couple local musicians are taking the next step and playing the baggage claim.

Relief Available for Nervous BWI Travelers


Western Weather

Have you heard? We’re looking at Snowmageddon 2016: Snow Much Snow. Most of us will spend the blizzardy day(s) curled up at home or fighting neighbors over parking places. Other unfortunate souls will be camped out at the airport, hoping that their flight out of town isn’t grounded.

WOW Air’s Flights from BWI to Iceland are Going Daily

Iceland. Wow.
Iceland. Wow.

It’s 2016 and the world is more interconnected than every before. This week’s proof: You can go to Iceland any day of the week.

Allegiant Air Brings More Cheap Flights to BWI


Last year, Iceland’s Wow Air made a splash at BWI with cheap flights to Europe. This could be the year of trips to out-of-the-way domestic destination, if one newcomer has anything to say about it.