Western Weather

Have you heard? We’re looking at Snowmageddon 2016: Snow Much Snow. Most of us will spend the blizzardy day(s) curled up at home or fighting neighbors over parking places. Other unfortunate souls will be camped out at the airport, hoping that their flight out of town isn’t grounded.

In anticipation of travel chaos, several airlines are offering travelers flying from BWI the opportunity to switch their tickets around. Southwest is allowing you to rebook for anytime within 14 days of your original travel date; United is waiving flight changing fees if you rebook before January 26; and Jet Blue won’t make you pay cancellation or fare difference fees if you switch your Friday/Saturday flight for a less, um, weather-y option. Other BWI airlines are providing similar offers.

Whatever you do, don’t get snowed in at the airport. That doesn’t sound like much fun at all.