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Brochin calls for recount in narrow Baltimore County executive Democratic primary

Images via Twitter/John Olszewski Jr. campaign website

Sorry, Baltimore County Dems, but it could be at least another week before you know your official candidate for this fall’s county executive general election.

State Sen. Jim Brochin to Run for Baltimore County Executive

Jim Brochin. Photo via State of Maryland.

Democratic state Sen. Jim Brochin is entering the race to replace Kevin Kamenetz as Baltimore County executive in 2018.

Baltimore County Elected Official Gets in Trouble for Stealing Wife’s Opponent’s Signs



Maybe I’ve been watching too much House of Cards, but when I hear the phrase “political scandal” I think murder/drugs/sex — or at least a little blackmail. But the current scandal plaguing Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry J. Ronald DeJuliis is much less exciting, and much more petty: According to the Baltimore Sun, DeJuliis is accused of tearing down campaign signs supporting the man who’s running against DeJuliis’s wife in the Democratic primary race for state senate.