Baltimore County Elected Official Gets in Trouble for Stealing Wife’s Opponent’s Signs

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Maybe I’ve been watching too much House of Cards, but when I hear the phrase “political scandal” I think murder/drugs/sex — or at least a little blackmail. But the current scandal plaguing Maryland Commissioner of Labor and Industry J. Ronald DeJuliis is much less exciting, and much more petty: According to the Baltimore Sun, DeJuliis is accused of tearing down campaign signs supporting the man who’s running against DeJuliis’s wife in the Democratic primary race for state senate.

The Sun reports that Baltimore County police charged three men, including DeJuliis, with misdemeanor theft for tearing down signs supporting current State Senator Jim Brochin. The men were spotted and reported by Brochin’s campaign manager.

Brochin and Connie DeJuliis are both vying to represent a district that includes Towson and Hunt Valley. According to Connie DeJuliis, “It was clearly a misunderstanding.” She told the Sun she thought it was “somewhat silly” that Brochin was pursuing charges and thus cluttering up the court system.

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  1. hit the wrong button, posted prematurely! I was typing “Somewhat silly?” – I think it’s more “silly” – maybe even juvenile – to get a pack of fellas out to knock over the other guys signs.

  2. Disappointing leadership response on the part of DeJuliis. She would have been better served to accept responsibility, note the actions taken to correct and move on to the more pressing matters of the community.

  3. “Clearly a misunderstanding…” Like, “Oops! I thought the election was already over, so I was actually helping you our AND protecting the environment by gently taking down your signs, my dear opponent”? That kind of misunderstanding? If true, it’s not just petty, it’s MUCH worse — it’s L-A-M-E!

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