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The School of the Cathedral’s Middle School Students Serve Others


Providing service opportunities is an integral part of the School of the Cathedral’s curriculum, but students are often surprised by how much they gain from these experiences.

Bullies’ Newest Weapon: Peanut Butter



Last week, a child with severe allergies was taken to the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center for an unusual — but disturbing — injury: peanut butter bullying. According to Hopkins’ director of pediatric allergy, Dr. Robert Wood, the bully who smeared peanut butter on another child’s face is part of a disturbing new trend, in which bullies use other children’s allergies against them.

Baby with HIV Cured By Hopkins Doctors


And this is why science is amazing:  A team of virologists and other investigators from Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School reported yesterday that they’ve achieved the first “functional cure” of HIV  in an infant who was born with the disease.