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Playing Baseball in a Lacrosse-Crazed Town

Peter Heubeck at bat.
Peter Heubeck at bat.

I once found myself walking past a varsity lacrosse game at an area independent high school and, in doing so, felt a sudden urge to genuflect.

I suppose it was a knee-jerk reaction left over from all those years during my childhood attending mass on a weekly basis. The environment at the game possessed the same feeling of reverence. You could have heard a pin drop—until one of the teams scored, of course. Then, the outburst was deafening.

To say that Baltimore is a hotbed of lacrosse would be somewhat of an understatement. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Team represented the U.S. in both the 1928 and 1932 Olympics. Or perhaps it’s because Baltimore’s Bryn Mawr School formed the first ever women’s lacrosse team in the 1920’s. Baltimore is also the home of US Lacrosse, the sport’s governing body; the Lacrosse Hall of Fame; and a lacrosse museum. Oh yeah, Lacrosse Magazine is based in Baltimore too.

Given the myriad ties that Baltimore has to the sport, it stands to reason that each spring legions of local parents impress upon their young children the grandeur of lacrosse, hoping their offspring will turn out to be as skilled at the game as they once were, as they believed themselves to be, or as they wished they had been. But wait. What about baseball?