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PNC Bank Lacrosse Spotlight: St. Mary’s Junior Midfielder Shelby Harrison



Midfielder Shelby Harrison can dominate both ends of the field for the talented St. Mary’s girls’ lacrosse team. Harrison is routinely given the responsibility of marking the opponent’s best player. She also helps direct the offense and is one of the region’s top playmakers. Harrison has committed early to play at Johns Hopkins.

Baltimore Lacrosse Dynasty Gets a Shout-Out in Tongue-in-Cheek ‘All-Name Team’



Every year Inside Lacrosse pokes a little fun at the sport’s reputation as one of the Whitest, Anglo-Saxonest, Protestantest pastimes in the United States. College rosters from all over the country are perused and players with the most elite-sounding monikers are chosen for IL‘s All-Name Team.

The Stanwick family, a Baltimore lacrosse dynasty, makes two appearances. Wellington Stanwick made it onto the men’s team,  and Covington Stanwick appears on the women’s.

Here are some other favorites.