Every year Inside Lacrosse pokes a little fun at the sport’s reputation as one of the Whitest, Anglo-Saxonest, Protestantest pastimes in the United States. College rosters from all over the country are perused and players with the most elite-sounding monikers are chosen for IL‘s All-Name Team.

The Stanwick family, a Baltimore lacrosse dynasty, makes two appearances. Wellington Stanwick made it onto the men’s team,  and Covington Stanwick appears on the women’s.

Here are some other favorites.


Headley VanMeter
Coleman Walsh III
Rowland Pettit
Torin Varn
Wilkins Dismuke (a Johns Hopkins freshman)


Rainey Hodgson
Kearney Sneath
Kirkland Locey
Rennie Tankersley
Addington Elliott

Inside Lacrosse is quick to point out that they’re “just having fun with a stereotype that really doesn’t really exist in the sport anymore. Lacrosse is in every part of the U.S., public schools and private, and it’s annually the country’s fastest-growing team sport.”