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Joppa Man Charged with Assault after Pepper Spray Incident at a Baseball Game


Sometimes, when I’m in an argument with someone and words fail me, I think maybe I should just pepper spray the other guy until I get my point across. But I won’t. Turns out, you can get charged with assault for that.  That’s what happened to Joppa resident Joseph Anthony Bonsiero, 63, who faces charges of “second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, having a dangerous weapon on school property, and using mace with intent to injure” after allegedly pepper spraying Joshua Stephen Shincarick, 30, at a youth baseball game.

According to charging documents, Shincarick overheard Bonsiero and another man making “inappropriate comments” about the players and asked them to stop. Bonsiero was defiant, and after Shincarick asked him to stop a second time, Bonsiero left the bleachers, returned with pepper spray, and unloaded on Shincarick.

What’s Bonsiero’s side of the story? He told a Harford County sheriff’s deputy he felt threatened by the man who asked him to show some decorum at a kids’ baseball game. That’s why he went back to his car to grab the pepper spray and allegedly held Shincarick by the shirt as he maced him in a crowd of people, including young children.

Too bad Maryland isn’t a state where that kind of behavior counts as self-defense.

Towson to Get New Movie Theater and Chance to Reverse the Trend


Cinemark, a major movie theater company, is planning to open a massive, sixteen-screen theater near the Trader Joe’s in Towson. Take that, Regal Hunt Valley (twelve screens) and AMC Columbia (fourteen screens)! And one of those screens will be an “XD Extreme Digital” auditorium, which I don’t completely understand, but I think may have something to do with smell-o-vision.

It ought to more than fill the void left by the closing of the AMC theater on York, which had gone way down hill (and had the online reviews to prove it) before finally giving up the ghost last year. The new 3,200-seat (stadium-style seats, mind you) complex will be part of the Towson Circle III development project, and is going to bring with it an underground parking garage for 860 vehicles — courtesy of the county — and five new restaurants.

The movie complex is set to open in the fall of 2014.