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Improv Karaoke with Laura Hall at the Creative Alliance


Back in the late 90’s, there was a wonderful show called “Whose Line Is It Anyways?”  I spent many an evening enjoying the improvisational stylings of the cast, crew and musical team.  A few years ago, I was lucky enough to catch Wayne Brady at a show in Virginia, and my dreams from 1999 came true.  Imagine my elation, joy and surprise at discovering that Laura Hall, the improvisational pianist from Whose Line was coming to the Creative Alliance this weekend.

Karaoke Smackdown Benefit for Moveable Feast


Baltimore is a city wealthy in karaoke options.  From Canton to Mount Vernon, Hampden to Roland Park, there is at least one location where you can pick up a mic and bust out your favorite tunes.

Baltimore is a city equally wealthy in amazing nonprofits; one of the most incredible ones is Moveable Feast. From their site: “Moveable Feast provides nutritious foods and other services in order to preserve quality of life for people with HIV/AIDS and other life-threatening conditions.”

This Saturday, enjoy a fusion of the best aspects of Baltimore’s karaoke and nonprofit scenes when Moveable Feast hosts their Second Annual Karaoke Smackdown Benefit at Liam Flynn’s in Station North.  Presented by team Fierce Chicks (name somewhat self-explanatory), you and your friends are welcome to challenge these hardcore, fundraising, singing ladies to a mic throwdown of epic proportions.  Bring some cash for Moveable Feast and prove your pipes are competitive.

I’m Karaoke, You’re Karaoke


Ever wish weekend life were more like a thrilling movie? If Saturday night’s become Netflix-and-carryout, stay-in predictable, step inside an alternate realm known to those who have conquered it as…the Bloody Bucket. Oh, stop squirming. Bloody Bucket is just the tag local Hampdenites have awarded a harmless, but also nameless, burned out little dive on Union (formerly called The Clipper Mill Inn) where drinks are cheap and karaoke singers pack freaky mega-talent like no barroom in the history of screen-scrolling lyrics.

Each Saturday night, from 9:30 to close, the bar vibrates with a crew of old-school neighborhood regulars, most quite friendly, many of them in their 50s and 60s, who belt classic tunes by Al Green (Tony does Al so subtly, he will choke you up), Frank Sinatra (the dude who sings Frank looks and sounds like Ol’ Blue Eyes, and he’s been known to pass out pot brownies from the trunk of his car, an added bonus), and the Beatles. Much of the blue-collar crowd equals older Hamdpen residents, yes, which is the beauty of this pure experience, but the occasional young hipster does pass through, usually possessing a burning desire to sing Guns N’ Roses, unfortunately. Visit the spectacular sing-along before an army of cool kids stakes their claim, scribbling their names plus obnoxious pop hit selections on the sign-in sheet. Oh, if you happen to walk in while the inbred looking fellow is banging his head to “Wild Thing,” just sit tight, flip through the list of tunes, and pick out something interesting, a way to make a karaoke contribution distinctly your own—by singing your heart out to a great, time-honored song that really speaks to you, you’ll fit right in.

1619 Union Ave.