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Setting the Record Straight on Karl Rove Protests at Hopkins


Baltimore made national news earlier this week when Karl Rove’s talk at Johns Hopkins’ Shriver Hall was disrupted by protesters yelling about his role in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. (Rove’s response? “Who gave you the right to occupy America?”)

Most news outlets from the Huffington Post to the Washington Post to the Baltimore Sun reported that the protesters were not students, but rather Occupy Baltimore reps. That’s partly true, but these reports neglect to mention that there were actually two separate but coordinated protests challenging Rove that day. The people chanting inside Shriver were indeed from Occupy Baltimore, but there was an independently organized group made up of Hopkins students — the Johns Hopkins Human Rights Working Group, to be exact — who were staging a protest outside the hall.

Most media outlets have conflated the two groups, and Johns Hopkins spokesman Dennis O’Shea denied that the protesters were Hopkins students. Well, that guy with the bullhorn in the picture? A Hopkins grad student. Don’t believe everything you read.

Check out the video of the incident on our homepage.