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Hopkins Dean Featured in NY Times



Katherine Newman, Johns Hopkins’s new dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, is a busy lady. Along with being an administrator, she also serves as a sociology professor and a widely-cited expert on a number of issues. You may recall seeing her name around quite a bit in the weeks after the Newtown shooting; Newman is an expert on school shootings. This week, though, she tackles a different subject in the New York Times:  how certain states (especially in the South and West) unfairly shift their tax burden to the poor.

School Shooters: Warning Signs and Misconceptions



Katherine Newman isn’t just the new dean of Johns Hopkins’ School of Arts & Sciences; she also happens to be an expert on school shootings — and, sadly, she’s getting plenty of chances to use her expertise these days. In the aftermath of the Newtown shootings last week, Newman spoke with CNN about the warning signs and common factors that link these tragedies.

This Week in Research: Why School Shooters Shoot; When Picky Eaters Grow Up


“Why did he do it?” is the refrain that echoes across the media whenever a school shooting (like the one last week at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County) occurs. The very fact that the shootings keep prompting the same question (and that the shootings keep happening at all) indicates that, on some level, we have no idea what’s going through these kids’ minds. But Katherine Newman, a dean at Johns Hopkins and a co-author of a book on school shootings, has some insight: