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Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is Running for Governor

Photo from April, via Kevin Kamenetz/Twitter

Baltimore County’s top elected officeholder ended months of speculation today, officially announcing a run for the governor’s office.

Baltimore County Opts Not to Screen for Undocumented Immigrants in Towson Jail, for Now

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Lawmakers in Baltimore County voted last night to table a bill that would have required correctional officers in Towson to help federal authorities weed out and deport undocumented immigrants in the county jail, effectively scuttling the proposal.

Major Dredging Planned for Baltimore County’s Upper Bird River

An aerial view of Middle River, via Ken Lund/Wikimedia Commons.

For the second time in 15 years, Baltimore County plans to dig up massive amounts of muck from the floors of the Bird River and Railroad Creek in Middle River.

Kamenetz Signs Order Saying Baltimore Co. Police Can’t Stop Immigrants Just Because They’re Immigrants

Photo via Kevin Kamenetz/Twitter

Flanked by a collection of religious, racial, ethnic and sexual minorities this morning, Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz signed an executive order barring his county’s police officers from detaining people based solely upon suspicions about their immigration status.

Hogan Prods Kamenetz While Announcing $330K to Fight Midge Swarms on Back River

Waste “digesters” at the Back River Wastewater Treatment Plant. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

In a breaking point in a standoff over flies between Gov. Larry Hogan and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, the governor’s office now says it will pay to spray a biological insecticide in “hot spots” of the Back River to fight off pesky midge swarms.

Kamenetz, Pugh Both Denounce Trump’s Immigration Order


Baltimore County’s executive has taken another strong public stand against President Donald Trump, this time through a statement with some personal family history.

Baltimore County is Getting a New Police Chief

Outgoing Chief Jim Johnson (left) and incoming Chief Terrence Sheridan

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz announced a major leadership change at the top of his county’s police department today. After 38 years of service, Police Chief James Johnson is slated to retire at the end of the month. To replace him, the department is bringing back former chief Terrence Sheridan.

Battle of Letters Brews Between County Executive Kamenetz, Rep. Andy Harris

Rep. Andy Harris (left) and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz
Rep. Andy Harris (left) and Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

What began on Monday as a call for support for undocumented college students from one of Baltimore County’s top officials is morphing into a politically motivated dispute between him and Republican Maryland congressman Andy Harris.

Harford Sheriff Prods, While Rep. Harris Warns Kamenetz About Immigration Stand

U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (left) and Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler
U.S. Rep. Andy Harris (left) and Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz is getting some pushback from elected officials over his letter asking Gov. Hogan, state and federal lawmakers and local college administrators to protect law-abiding undocumented students from a Trump administration.

Baltimore Co. Police Won’t Help Deport Law-Abiding Students Under Trump, Says Kamenetz



Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz has penned a letter to lawmakers and university officials urging them to protect undocumented students at the five colleges in his jurisdiction from deportation. He also said he’s told Baltimore County police they should not help the feds with deporting any undocumented students at those schools once President-elect Donald Trump takes office.