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Easter Bunny BonanZoo



catch of the day fish (2)Whatever your usual Easter tradition, we’re sure you can squeeze in a couple of hours next weekend for “one of the most egg-citing events of the year!” It’s the Maryland Zoo’s annual weekend long Easter celebration– made possible (or at least delicious) by Mary Sue Candies. It’s the Bunny BonanZoo! Bring the family down to the zoo (the event is free with regular admission) and hunt for eggs (the Easter kind– not the real kind) nonstop. There will also be games, crafts, live entertainment, and not to mention all the zoo animals you love.

Pysanky Egg Decorating at the Creative Alliance



catch of the day fish (2)Feel like getting a little more ambitious with your Easter eggs this year? If you’re kind of over that old PAAS set and its inherent limitations, you may want to move toward Pysanky– the traditional Ukrainian craft that’s been around for a couple of thousand years. It’s the art of decorating eggs with wax in a way that acts like batik. The wax keeps the dye from oozing all over the place, so you can make intricately detailed designs and keep your colors from running together. If your interest is piqued, we suggest you sign up for the upcoming Pysanky workshops at the Creative Alliance. Space is limited, so RSVPs are a must.

Ice Cream for Breakfast at the Charmery



catch of the day fish (2)Weekend brunch is pretty great no matter what. But you know what else is great? Ice cream. And you know when it’s best? Any time. Luckily, the folks over at The Charmery seem to agree with us, which is why they’re hosting an Ice Cream for Breakfast event tomorrow, Saturday, February 7th. They’re declaring it, “the most wonderful, delicious, morning of the year!” And we can’t see why we wouldn’t agree. So throw on your best footie pajamas (yes, dressing in your PJs is encouraged) and head down for the least nutritious breakfast of the year.

Pay What You Want at the Aquarium


Pay What You want

Here’s a nice reward for the new year. The National Aquarium is offering Marylanders a Pay What You Want Day as a way of helping to raise money for animal care while giving us all one more reason to be so glad we’re locals. We all know and love the aquarium, but the admission price can become prohibitive when you’ve got the spouse, the kids, kids’ friends, and who-knows-who-else in tow. So if you’ve got no plans for this Sunday, head down to the harbor (well ahead of the crowds, if you can) and pay literally whatever you choose for admission. You can even add a ticket to one of their fabulous 4D films for just $5.

Penguin Sleepover with Tripster

Penguins 12
catch of the day fish (2)So it’s that point in the season when Santa is working overtime. And we don’t even mean making the gifts and checking his list. We’re talking all the deliberating and thinking that has to go into picking out the absolute perfect gift for millions and millions of boys and girls the world over. Kind of a big job. And though you’ve maybe only got one or two youngsters you need to plan for, it can still get exhausting trying to outdo yourself (or Santa) year after year. Plus, unlike Santa, you have to live with all of the gifts that pile up with the holidays and find their way into the living room, the dining room, the basement, the master bedroom, etc. So if you find yourself searching these days for the absolute perfect gift, but would prefer its tiny, plastic, always-getting-stepped-on pieces not be scattered around the house, perhaps giving your kid an unforgettable experience (rather than a probably-soon-to-be-forgotten new toy) is in order. And what makes for a truly unforgettable experience for practically any kid? How’s a sleepover with penguins at the zoo sound?

Thanks to Tripster, (the incredible folks who plan out mind-blowing day trips for kids on weekends and school holidays) a sleepover with penguins can totally become a reality for your kids this winter. And even for you, if they’ll let you tag along. Back by popular demand (the November event was an absolute hit), the sleepover takes place Saturday, January 10th and lasts through Sunday morning. Now that the Maryland Zoo has completed its new state-of-the-art exhibit called Penguin Coast, you can snore along with these lovable birds and get to know what happens at the zoo when the zookeepers and and patrons all go home.  

Tripster kids will tour the Zoo from a whole new perspective, visit natural habitats, and look for nocturnal creatures, explore animal senses through participatory games, listen to camp light stories and songs, hang out with old friends and make some new ones! On Sunday morning, a light breakfast will be served and everyone (except the animals) goes home by 9:30am. However, the price of the Tripster event includes admission to the Zoo on Sunday, so you are welcome to stay and continue your adventure for as long as you’d like. And while the event itself won’t last forever, certainly the very special memories will.

The Tripster penguin sleepover event takes place starting on Saturday, January 10th. Reservations are a must. For more information, or to reserve a space, visit www.tripsteronline.com

Pre-Halloween Celebration at AVAM


AVAM in Baltimore

catch of the day fish (2)If Halloween is one of your top favorite holidays (and it certainly is one of ours), you know that to confine your Halloween reveling to just one night would be a waste of all that fall has to offer. So, many thanks to the Baltimore Sun for compiling a comprehensive list of their Top 20 picks for Halloween events in the coming week. And while so many of their picks are definite must-dos, our heart will always steer us to all things AVAM. The American Visionary Art Museum is simply one of the funnest, coolest, and most unpredictable places in town. And you know these folks have to be serious Halloween fans. Trust us. The proof is in the programming.

Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



Get Up & Go: It’s our Last Halloweekend!

There’s so much to do this weekend as we soak up the final offerings of Free Fall Baltimore while celebrating a full week of pre-Halloween goodness. Whether you stay in town or head out to the pumpkin fields, it’s easy to pack these days with fun.

It’s just not Halloween in Baltimore without tonight’s Great Lantern Parade. This long-running tradition is free to attend, and perfect for kids and adults alike. Just remember to dress warm!

You can also get genuinely creepy-crawly with a taxidermy class (you can even start small with butterflies) at Bazaar in Hampden. RSVPs a must!

Prefer live animals to ones you’re mounting under glass? Bring the little ones to ZooBooo! at the Maryland Zoo or Hallowmarine at the National Aquarium.

For those looking for an event that satisfies both kid and adult tastes, head straight out to Layton’s Chance Winery for their Kids’ Halloween Party. There will be crafts, games, Halloween fun, and more. Plus, it’s at a vineyard, so that means plenty for adults to enjoy as well.

And as always, there are plenty of ghost tours and haunted pub crawls to get you through the scariest week of the year. And the week after that. And the week after that. And the week after that.






The Great Halloween Lantern Parade


Halloween Parade

catch of the day fish (2)Alright, maybe you don’t even need us to remind you. After all, the Great Halloween Lantern Parade is now as much of a Baltimore institution as the lights on 34th Street. But at the same time, we’d be remiss if we didn’t say it loud and clear: GO! GO! GO! Don’t miss it! The lantern parade is just one of those things that makes one feel all warm and fuzzy and geez-I-love-my-city-ish. It’s free to attend, perfect for kids and adults alike, and you can be as involved (Bring a lantern! Bring five! Dress up! Enter a contest! Volunteer!) or uninvolved (Just show up and spectate!) as you want. Anything goes. Just make sure to come ready for some major good feelings and gorgeous visuals.

Free Performances and Puppet Making with Black Cherry


Black Cherry

catch of the day fish (2)Free Fall Baltimore is still here. And one of our favorite local institutions, Black Cherry Puppet Theater is keeping it alive with two more awesome weekends of performances and workshops at their charming spot in SoWeBo (right across from Hollins Market). This Sunday and next, you can take the kids (or yourself) down to the puppet theater for a free puppet performance of either Billy Goats Gruffkin (that’s this weekend) or The Sultan’s Review (next weekend). Between performances, the company will also offer free puppet making workshops in their outdoor garden. And you don’t need us to tell you that the weather is perfect for that.

Baltimore Fishbowl Weekend



Get up & Go! Free Fall Baltimore isn’t over yet!

There’s still time to take advantage of some of the 300+ free events this month that make up Free Fall Baltimore! Up early today? Head down to the Central Library for their Imagination Celebration. It’s the grand opening of their interactive exhibit based on the work of children’s author Maurice Sendak!

And tomorrow is Free Family Sunday at the BMA, where families can explore the museum and enjoy special educational and art-making programs for kids!

Then bring the kids (or not) for the Creative Alliance’s Birds & BUS Block Party this evening. There will be dance, neighborhood activities, and a screening of Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Looking for something a bit more amateur for your weekend cinema? You’re in luck, because it’s National Home Movie Day. The University of Baltimore will screen locals’ home movies today from 2pm-4pm. Bring your own, or just settle in to watch others’.

And don’t forget about the Harbor Harvest Festival tomorrow, where you can get lost in a hay maze, pick a pumpkin, and enjoy all the rest of your fall staples right here in the heart of the city.