Catching Up with 2012’s Little Characters

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This year’s Wee Chic Little Character’s Search is well underway. We thought we’d check in with some of the kids who were selected last year. Where are they now? Turns out, the same places we found them — enjoying Baltimore’s parks, snow ball stands (well, maybe in a few months), and all things “regular kid.” We caught up with Sydney and her mom, Melissa to see how the experience was for them.

BFB: How was it to be part of Little Characters last year? Was the photo shoot fun? Did friends recognize you in the ads?

Sydney:  It was fun to be a part of Little Characters. We got to get our hair done, try on great clothes and get our picture taken.  My friends and family recognized me online and in the magazine.

BFB: Melissa, do you have any words of advice for parents submitting photos of their children this year?

Melissa: Submit pictures that really show your child’s personality.  It’s really easy to submit online.

BFB: What caused you to participate in the Little Characters search last year?

Melissa: We shop at Wee Chic and it’s our favorite store to shop for kids’ clothes. My daughter thought it was cool that you got to be in an ad and in a magazine.

BFB: All right, Sydney, what are some of your favorite spots to go to around Baltimore? Places you’d recommend to other kids?

Sydney: Tropicool (ice cream and Italian ice), Meadowood Park to ride bikes, and Shenanigans and Amuse for toys.

The Wee Chic Little Characters search is still on! For more information and to submit photos, click here.



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