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The Texture of Skin: Baltimore Artist Michelle Dickson Sculpts a Soulful Decline


“you lose what you don’t hold, 2” (digital photograph) “This is from a series of photographs taken of [my] sculptures in an abandoned house on a hiking trail.”
Michelle Dickson, 27, a resident artist at School 33, sculpts work that seems to live — to wear breathing skin — or, in some cases, promises to have recently pulsed with life, but now instead to hum with the hushed and faded rhythm of decay. In her attraction to nature’s dying moment, and to the partway beautiful deterioration of changing human architecture, she reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Kiki Smith, whom Dickson did meet in an academic setting. (She reminds me of Kiki Smith in her semi-sexual, body-hinting abstractions — in many ways…) But Dickson is her own maker to be sure, with her own brand of broken beauty, her own set of challenges and charms for the viewer. Her work lives.