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What Baltimore Really Needs Is… Kindness?


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Baltimore design consultant Jessica Watson has an idea about how to improve things in Baltimore — and around the world. She thinks we should be kinder. She’s so invested in the idea, in fact, that she’s created an online campaign (28 Days of Kindness) encouraging people to perform at least one good deed a day this month. ( Something must be in the air — love perhaps? — because website Cool Progeny is hosting a similar campaign today with its Little Lion Challenge, which we wrote about yesterday. Read about it here.)

Make a Little Roar: Support Little Lions Day


Our friends over at Cool Progeny have asked us to spread the word about the inspiring project, the Little Lion Challenge, that cool progeny and its founder Heather Walsh are hosting tomorrow.  View the video below to learn more or visit coolprogeny.com. – The Eds.

One year ago, a brave little guy came roaring into our lives and things were never quite the same again. In honor of his first birthday, we’re declaring February 11th LITTLE LION CHALLENGE Day. And we’re asking you to help us pay it forward!

How To Participate

Talk to your kids, your coworkers, your students, your friends… Ask yourselves what’s ONE small thing we can do to make a little roar? To brighten’s someone’s day? Make the world a kinder place? Maybe you’re organize a small toy round up and make a donation to your local hospital. Maybe you’re going to assemble a bag of canned goods to take to your local shelter. Maybe you’ll surprise a neighbor with some homemade cookies. It can be ANYTHING. Need some inspiration? Check out our 100 Ways to Rock the Little Lion Challenge.

The Internet Isn’t Just for Bullies Anymore: The Compliment Project


If you had to come with the polar opposite of bullying, this would be it:  students at Johns Hopkins have launched a new project “to spread joy within the Hopkins community” by anonymously paying compliments to one another. Yes, the newest internet trend is being — gasp! — anonymously nice.