If you had to come with the polar opposite of bullying, this would be it:  students at Johns Hopkins have launched a new project “to spread joy within the Hopkins community” by anonymously paying compliments to one another. Yes, the newest internet trend is being — gasp! — anonymously nice.

The project’s origins can be traced back to four students at Queen’s University in Canada, who came up with the idea to create a Facebook page where students could send in compliments about fellow students/teachers/staff members and see them posted anonymously. “We thought [Queen’s U Compliments] was a really great way to help students help other students,” one of the site’s founders, Amanda Smurthwaite, told Time.

Since then, the idea has spread to schools nationwide — and even a few high schools. A Bethesda teenager eventually had to shut the site he made for his high school down because it was so flooded with compliments he couldn’t handle it.

Current comments on the JHU Compliments site will warm the heart of even the staunchest grinch:  “Vania Green can accomplish any dream in her heart. Her inner beauty shines and lights up my life”; “Kylie Sharkey is a baby bunny and I love her”; etc. This is the coolest trend we’ve heard about in a while — know any schools that could use their own compliment page?