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Week in Review: Favorite Stories in the Baltimore Fishbowl


Something incredible happened at the BFB this week: Our top story, Baltimore Feminists Prank Victoria’s Secret, received over 400,000 hits!  We have been glued to our analytics, watching our numbers rise.  How to explain the traffic?  The story caught fire on Facebook (it has had over 85,000 likes and over 10, 000 shares)  and Twitter (2,000+ tweets) and moved onto college campuses around the country (we could see the domain names — U of Wisconsin, Yale, the Claremont Colleges, Hopkins, among many others — on our analytics).  The 240+ comments we received also drew many views, as readers shared opinions on modern feminism.  

Baltimore Feminists Prank Victoria Secret and Start an Internet Revolution by Rachel Monroe

Cafe Hon’s Recurring Nightmare by Robert O’Brien

The Land of Pleasant Living: Total Makeover on a Rockland Contemporary by Cynthia McIntyre

Mega Money for Maryland Arts by The Eds.

Grinch Feet Ice Cold in the Snow by Christine Grillo


Baltimore Tavern Looks (Predictably) Bad on TV


“I am willing to get kicked in the balls a bit if it’s good for business,” Keith Murphy, co-owner of Fells

Point bar J.A. Murphy’s, told Baltimore magazine in February. The ball-kicker in question was Jon Taffer, host of SPIKE TV’s Bar Rescue (think Kitchen Nightmares, but with more Jagermeister). Now that the episode is scheduled to air (it premiers on August 5), we’re wondering whether Murphy regrets his decision.

Reality Check for Denise Whiting: Chef Ramsay’s Coming Back to Baltimore


The Sun reported yesterday that Chef Gordon Ramsay plans to haul his “Kitchen Nightmares” reality crew back to Hampden in coming days to check in with restaurant owner Denise Whiting and complete a progress report of sorts. If you screened the Café Hon episode in November – I couldn’t resist – you’ll remember that Ramsay bestowed upon the tourist-geared place an artistic interior redo, rewrote the menu, too, and offered Whiting heaps of rather scripted-feeling advice about dropping the Hon trademark. Whiting sobbed; local writers quickly weighed in on whether they thought we ought to forgive her former selfishness.

Cafe Hon’s "Kitchen Nightmares"


This has got to be the most counter-intuitive PR gambit available to American restaurants: invite Gordon Ramsay to film an episode of Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares at your establishment, get berated by the foul-mouthed celebrity chef on national TV for serving rotting food and keeping unsanitary conditions, and hope that all publicity is good publicity.

Apparently, it’s a gambit that Cafe Hon owner Denise Whiting was willing to take. The well flamingoed Hampden eatery’s episode of Kitchen Nightmares is slated for February 24 at 8 p.m., and Cafe Hon’s website sports a banner proudly announcing the fact. It strikes me a little like a crooked auto shop advertising their appearance on 60 Minutes, but, hey, what do I know?

Typically, Ramsay comes to restaurants that are so mismanaged, they’re on the verge of shutting down: disgusting food, pests in the kitchen, that kind of thing. Refresh my memory; was Cafe Hon failing? Is it unsafe to eat there?

Maybe this episode won’t center around bad food and unhealthy conditions. Maybe we’ll see Ramsay tear into Whiting with a string of expletives over her infamous hijacking of the city’s most sacred colloquialism. That would sure be a cathartic experience for a lot of Baltimoreans.

With a $12 burger, it’s not like I’m heading there anyway. But I’d definitely wait for the report from Kitchen Nightmares before heading Bawlmer‘s kitschy, spensive torst trap.