Week in Review: Favorite Stories in the Baltimore Fishbowl

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Something incredible happened at the BFB this week: Our top story, Baltimore Feminists Prank Victoria’s Secret, received over 400,000 hits!  We have been glued to our analytics, watching our numbers rise.  How to explain the traffic?  The story caught fire on Facebook (it has had over 85,000 likes and over 10, 000 shares)  and Twitter (2,000+ tweets) and moved onto college campuses around the country (we could see the domain names — U of Wisconsin, Yale, the Claremont Colleges, Hopkins, among many others — on our analytics).  The 240+ comments we received also drew many views, as readers shared opinions on modern feminism.  

Baltimore Feminists Prank Victoria Secret and Start an Internet Revolution by Rachel Monroe

Cafe Hon’s Recurring Nightmare by Robert O’Brien

The Land of Pleasant Living: Total Makeover on a Rockland Contemporary by Cynthia McIntyre

Mega Money for Maryland Arts by The Eds.

Grinch Feet Ice Cold in the Snow by Christine Grillo


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