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How This Year’s Grand Prix Will Be Different


Race On LLC, which took over organizing the Baltimore Grand Prix three months ago, has been using that time to alter the event to address complaints over last year’s Labor Day Weekend street race. They say they met with residents and local businesses to hear what was inconvenient or problematic about the much maligned 2011 event, and to accept suggestions for improvement. I bet they got an earful!

Last Year’s Grand Prix Organizers Begin to Pay Back Taxes, Blame “Outsiders” for Lack of Funds


Steven D. Silverman, attorney for the now defunct Baltimore Racing Development — last year’s Grand Prix organizers — announced recently that the group is starting to pay toward the $600,000 or so they still owe in back taxes. He blamed the group’s lack of funds on “outsiders” who created an “unexpected deficit.” Outsiders. I love that, very mysterious, and a little xenophobic — was it the mafia? extraterrestrial extortionists?

Despite Expecting to Lose Money, Grand Prix Organizers Promise to Pay All Bills


You gotta love this. Race On, the current Baltimore Grand Prix organizers are expecting to lose money on this year’s street race, and have insisted that despite that no fees will go unpaid. It’s good fodder for Baltimore’s pastime of self-deprecation — year two of this godforsaken race, and it’s still a losing venture!

On the other hand, new businesses rarely turn a profit in their first year. And that’s apparently how Race On’s financier, J.P. Grant, looks at it. “My goal for this year is to stabilize the race,” he told The Sun Tuesday. And as funny as it sounds (well, to me, anyway), it’s probably just the attitude and perspective that Baltimore Racing Development, organizers of last year’s Grand Prix, lacked, which left them with no plan to repay vendors and the city after the numbers didn’t stack how they would have liked.