How This Year’s Grand Prix Will Be Different

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Race On LLC, which took over organizing the Baltimore Grand Prix three months ago, has been using that time to alter the event to address complaints over last year’s Labor Day Weekend street race. They say they met with residents and local businesses to hear what was inconvenient or problematic about the much maligned 2011 event, and to accept suggestions for improvement. I bet they got an earful!

Those changes, according to the Sun:

*There will be greater access to pedestrian bridges, which tended to get backed up last year.
*Charles Street will reopen to traffic each night, as opposed to being closed the whole weekend as it was last year.
*The bottom level of Oriole Park will serve as a shelter during severe weather.
*Construction of barriers and bleachers was shortened by two weeks to ease traffic jams.
*The races will be over each night by 7 p.m., so that area restaurants actually have a shot at selling race fans some food.

But probably the most important difference between this year’s Grand Prix and last year’s is that these organizers are not only prepared to lose money, they’re planning on it.

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