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Go Earth! We Made It to Mars Again!


Woooh, we did it! Woooooooh! NASA’s new Mars rover, Curiosity (much of which was built here in Maryland) made history early Monday morning when it successfully landed on the red planet.

NASA is calling it the “most elaborate and difficult feat in the annals of robotic spaceflight,” the Baltimore Sun reports. It’s also way cool how they landed the rover. Once the rocket had gotten into the atmosphere, the entry craft broke off and began the descent, which worked in five stages summarized after the jump.

Maryland’s Mars Lab: Meet Curiosity the Rover


The red planet will get a little less lonely this Monday when Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity are joined by Curiosity. She’s NASA’s newest, largest, and most advanced rover yet, and one of her most important parts was put together in Maryland’s Goddard Space Flight Center.