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GreenLaurel: Will Maryland Ban ‘Foam’ Food Containers?

Avoid using foam cups. Instead of tossing, use foam cups to collect grease and fats when cooking. Fat and grease should never go down any drain (including the toilet!)

A coalition of anti-trash groups and governmental agencies is urging the Maryland General Assembly to consider a bill that would ban the foam. If approved, organizations in Maryland would not be able to package food in foam products, cups, to-go clam shell boxes and trays.

Local Group Awarded Nearly $25,000 for ‘Keep Herring Run Parks Beautiful’ Campaign

Photo via Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks

A nonprofit dedicated to preserving Herring Run Park in Northeast Baltimore has received a $24,500 grant to improve the vast green space.

One Coastal California City Wants to Replicate Baltimore’s Trash Wheel Idea


Mr. Trash Wheel and Professor Trash Wheel are making waves all the way out on the West Coast thanks to their litter-gathering capabilities.

Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel Discuss Eating Garbage and More in Reddit AMA

Photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership
Photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership

Baltimore’s favorite trash-consuming contraptions hosted a live “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event today on Reddit, fielding questions on everything from run-ins with ducklings to not being related, despite having distinctly similar names.

“Trash Mob” Tackles Baltimore’s Litter Epidemic — on Their Lunch Breaks



Baltimore has its fair share of vacant lots — and for whatever topographical reason, vacant lots seem to be trash magnets. This kind of litter makes our city look gross, but it’s also one of those small problems that’s so pervasive it feels completely insurmountable. Enter Baltimore’s Zero Litter, a group that has proved that you can clean up a vacant lot with nothing more than a few friends and a half-hour of your lunch break.

Are Beer-Guzzling Innertubers Ruining Gunpowder Falls?

Don’t be fooled. I photoshopped out all the innertubes.

Four hundred. That’s how many people police estimate are tubing down the Gunpowder every day. Most of them are assisted by Gary Kloch’s Tube N Taxi business, where they rent an innertube and hop on a shuttle to the river.

Critics of the business argue that a continuous parade of noisy, littering innertubers is less than appropriate on protected “wild” land in a state park, especially when there are other Gunpowder enthusiasts — trout fishers and kayakers — who are being edged out by the “excessive amount of tubing.”