Mr. and Professor Trash Wheel Discuss Eating Garbage and More in Reddit AMA

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Photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership
Photo courtesy Waterfront Partnership

Baltimore’s favorite trash-consuming contraptions hosted a live “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) event today on Reddit, fielding questions on everything from run-ins with ducklings to not being related, despite having distinctly similar names.

Mr. Trash Wheel is no stranger to such events online, having already hosted two AMA’s during his two-and-a-half years in existence. But the experience was new for Professor Trash Wheel, who made her debut in Canton roughly 24 hours before getting on Reddit to answer users’ questions.

The first inquiries directed at the pair were pretty standard: What is most rewarding about their work in Baltimore’s harbor? Has Mr. Trash Wheel’s pallet changed over time? Eventually, things got weird, but both trash wheels were good sports.

The question about Mr. Trash Wheel’s palate is a fair one to ask. After all, he is responsible for churning through more than one million pounds of Baltimoreans’ garbage. Surely his tastes must be adapting to whatever mess pours from the Jones Falls into the harbor?

Professor Trash Wheel, for her part, hasn’t eaten much, having only been let loose in Canton on Sunday after coming up the Patapsco River from Pasadena, where she was constructed by environmental tech solutions firm Clearwater Mills. She did offer this very detailed image when asked, “What was your favorite part of the welcoming ceremony yesterday?”

“My favorite part of yesterday’s welcoming ceremony was when they seasoned my conveyor with Old Bay,” she wrote. “Everything tastes better with Old Bay, even cigarette butts!”

The garbage-eating academic shared other important background info: She attended Bogports School of Wheelcraft and Fisheries; she teaches at Healthy Harbor University; her first name is Jayne; and she hasn’t even yet Mr. Trash Wheel in person, though she said he “keeps texting” her.

While she introduced herself to the community, Mr. Trash Wheel discussed having crab friends who have stolen plot secrets to HBO’s Westworld, potentially having a hat knitted for his more educated counterpart, and the sad truth that stopping littering is a far better alternative than having to build machines to clean up after humans’ mess in the harbor.

Click here to follow their whole AMA.

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