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Fashion Awards MD 2014


Fashion Awards

catch of the day fish (2)We love following local fashion designers and tastemakers. It combines a life-long passion for couture with our dedication to supporting local culture and small business. Plus, in recent years, Baltimore has only grown as a hotspot where young creative geniuses can start a life and make their visions thrive. So thank goodness someone had the bright idea a few years ago to start up Fashion Awards MD—an award night that highlights, celebrates and recognizes the talents of those who have made contributions to the fashion industry in the state of Maryland and beyond. This year will be the third of its kind; last year’s events both sold out (of course), so take it from us: if local fashion is your thing, get those tickets today.

Local Clothing Designs from The Moon Life


The Moon Life

catch of the day fish (2)Many props to Ms. Charms Chic for turning us on to the fabulous new designs from The Moon Life clothing– a local designer making clothes as funky and interesting as Baltimore itself. The Moon Life is specifically a street wear clothing and art company founded by artist Nate Gonzalez. The company’s look brings together a grounded and urban style with a cosmic sensibility that uses images evoking other worlds and dimensions you didn’t even know existed. Try one of these awesome pieces on and you may well be transported to another dimension of cool.

WORK IT! (Careers in the Fashion Industry)


Work It

catch of the day fish (2)Project Runway turned us all into armchair couture designers. Seeing up-and-coming designers wow us by churning out stunning new garments week after week, with crazy deadlines, bizarre limitations, and materials not meant to become clothing gave us all a sense of empowerment. Sure, these people are obviously quite gifted, and most went to school for some aspect of fashion design, but isn’t there a place for us in the fashion industry, too? Whether you dream of bursting onto the catwalk with a wholly original line, or just getting your foot in the door, the Baltimore Fashion Alliance has the event for you, next week. Mark your calendars for WORK IT.

Christopher Schafer’s Blood, Sweat & Tears Event June 20


Blood Sweat and Tears

catch of the day fish (2)Look good, do good. That could easily be the motto of Christopher Schafer, the local men’s clothier who seems to make a habit of using his high-fashion platform to raise money, awareness, and clothing donations for numerous good causes. This time around, Schafer has been nominated for Man of the Year by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) and is working tirelessly to raise money to help fight and end blood cancer. Or is that tie-relessly? Pardon the pun, but we couldn’t help it. After all, proceeds from the LLS tie that Schafer designed all go toward fighting these cancers.  But that’s not all. On Thursday, June 20 from 7-9pm, Schafer will host Blood, Sweat, and Tears—a fundraising fashion show featuring  work by a range of designers, along with music and cocktails.

MICA’s 20th Annual Benefit Fashion Show


MICA Fashion show

catch of the day fish (2)So, the name of this column is “Catch of the Day.” It’s fitting for those of us who are into all things new, shiny, and happening right now. And when we hear of something particularly exciting, we try to get the word out early; that way, those whose social calendars require planning some days ahead can do so. It takes all kinds, as they say. Well, this week, even we are marking our calendars in advance, in anticipation of MICA’s 20th Annual Benefit Fashion Show—one of the most fun, inspiring, and quintessentially Baltimore fashion events of the year.

RAW Batimore: April 4th



catch of the day fish (2)Did anyone else notice how this past weekend really felt like spring? And it wasn’t just the weather. Maybe it’s just us and our glittering social calendar, but really, it was as though after months of semi-hibernation and getting through the drear, everyone, all at once, finally decided that this was the weekend for overlapping parties, performances, brunches, and general getting together.  But it’s cool; we were all too happy to provide the mimosas. But now that spring is here, we’re looking forward to weeks (nay, months) of taking in all the art and culture and general revelry that the city has to offer. A good start for those just coming out of their winter shells? RAW Baltimore’s April event, scheduled for this Thursday, April 4th.

Clothing by Red Prairie Press


Red Prairie Press Baltimore

We’re happy to report that we made good on last week’s promise to shop ‘til we drop at all of the weekend holiday craft shows. And judging by the  crowds we often had to wade through to get to the goods, it seems many others had the same idea. Nothing like a fabulous (and well-organized and well-attended) craft show to renew one’s Baltimore pride. So many talented and entrepreneurial artisans right here in our own backyard? And a community that supports them and makes this a great city for artists and small-business owners to set up shop in? Yes! This is home!

Some work we just loved this weekend was Red Prairie Press. Red Prairie designs and prints lovely images on clothing all from the comfort of a Charles Village row home. The work includes everything from silly/charming onesies for babies to really lovely scarves and cardigans. The images all seem so simple, yet genuinely interesting–whether it’s a cartoonish pirate on a onesie or elegant silhouettes of lotuses on an A-line skirt.  Each piece truly looks like it was carefully considered and made with an artist’s discerning eye. Look for Red Prairie goods at more upcoming craft shows, in local shops, and of course, online.

Red Prairie Press items can be found for sale at Trohv, Double Dutch, the BMA, and other local shops. You can also shop online (and find out about other upcoming shows) at www.redprairiepress.com.

Sophisticated and Local JG Sassy Keeps “It” in Baltimore

Francis James, Kearny Dietrich and Paul James

It all started with the quest for the perfect pant. And though many of us have been on this quest ourselves, and know how difficult it can be, few of us would go so far as to start our own design company and clothing line in order to make the perfect pant manifest. But this is exactly what Kearny Dietrich did, and it’s how the JG Sassy line was born.

JG Sassy Fashion Show at Jewels


JG Sassy fashion show in Baltimore

It’s just so cool when things that are made locally are actually cool. Does that sentence make us sound about as articulate as an adolescent girl trying to display her uber-sophisticated taste to her way-past-acne-phase crush? Maybe. But sometimes that’s just how you feel. It’s certainly how we felt upon learning about the new JG Sassy line being carried at Kearney Dietrich’s fabulous boutique, Jewels.  JG Sassy is locally owned and made (hurrah for being able to get behind a line of clothing not made in sweatshops or overseas), and the line has its runway debut this Thursday (that’s tomorrow) at Jewels.

Trunk Shows at Trillium


J and J Feld at Trillium in Lutherville

Twenty years of fashion. That means going back to 1992—a year marked by super angular jackets, wide shoulders, wide hips, and plaid everywhere. For most of us, the garments we proudly wore then have long since made their way to the Salvation Army—and with good reason. Sure, the best of your Kurt Cobain-era wardrobe might be currently resting on a rack in a vintage store near you, but those pieces would be the exception. And yet, that’s the paradox of fashion. What today seems an unthinkable outfit was, some years ago, the absolute height. It takes a certain vision and integrity to be able to keep up over the years—to weather the fashion industry’s inherent fickleness. It takes an understanding of what makes something classic, combined with a forward-thinking eye.

This weekend, Sima Blue, owner of Trillium, celebrates the boutique’s 20 year anniversary.  In honor of this anniversary, Trillium won’t be busting out the well-aged parachute pants from days of yore. Rather, the boutique is hosting two fantastic trunk shows featuring local designers  J and J Feld Designs (on Friday) and Bethesda’s Marti (on Saturday).  Both shows are 11am-5pm. If you need an additional reason to stop by and continue to support Trillium, you can feel great knowing that a portion of proceeds will be donated to the House of Ruth.

Trillium is located in Greenspring Station. 10749 Falls Road in Lutherville.