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Baltimore Symphony Orchestra launches trove of online videos, podcasts

Marin Alsop conducts the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. The 2020-2021 season will be her last as music director. Photo courtesy of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Unable to open up the doors of the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall for concerts, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra is taking its performances online.

Earlier today, the orchestra launched BSO OffStage, a collection of videos and podcasts that feature recital performances by the orchestra’s musicians, archival footage, masterclasses, interviews and discussions of classical works by some of the masters.

BSO music director Marin Alsop to step down in 2021

Marin Alsop conducts a Baltimore Symphony Orchestra rehearsal. Photo via the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Facebook page.

After 14 years leading the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Marin Alsop is stepping down at the end of her current contract, which expires Aug. 31, 2021, the BSO announced today.

Alsop, the first woman to lead a major orchestra in the U.S., will maintain the roles of Music Director Laureate and OrchKids Founder.

BSO Director Says OrchKids Program “All About Possibility”

Marin Alsop
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Director Marin Alsop. Photo courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

On Monday, NPR again turned its coverage to Baltimore, this time to put the spotlight on OrchKids, a community music program run by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Marin Alsop to Lead Peabody Conducting Program

Marin Alsop
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Director Marin Alsop. Photo courtesy of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Marin Alsop is adding another job to her already impressive resume. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra music director was appointed as the Peabody Conservatory’s graduate conducting program.

The BSO Announces its 2014-15 Season


BSO 2014

catch of the day fish (2)Bum-bah-duh-bum-bum-bum-bummmm! Or how about Da-da-da-dahhhh Da-da-da-dahhhh! Okay, so no one ever said that classical instrumental music translates well to being crudely transcribed into onomatopoeic syllables, but how else are we supposed to convey the resonance, the booming, the swells of sound that seem almost able to scoop you out of your chair, they’re so powerful? Better to let the work speak for itself, we think. And luckily, Marin Alsop and the BSO have just announced the season for this coming year. It’s chock full of work by the usual classic suspects as well as work by some of the finest living contemporary composers.

Women Are Taking Over Baltimore’s Art Institutions



This week, the Walters Art Museum welcomed its new director, Julia Marciari-Alexander. Marciari-Alexander replaces Gary Vikan, a 27-year veteran of the institution, and joins Doreen Bolger (director of the Baltimore Museum of Art) and Rebecca Hoffberger (director of the American Visionary Art Museum) to make a trifecta of badass women in charge of the city’s largest art institutions.

Women! Art! Revolution! Gala!


This Friday, November 11, you’ve got two chances to celebrate Baltimore’s wealth of artsy women and women artists:

A gala! Starting at 6:30 p.m. Maryland Art Place, our favorite non-profit promoter of contemporary art around these parts, hosts a swanky evening in honor of its thirtieth birthday, and in celebration of female artists who’ve made their stamp on Baltimore’s cultural landscape. The honorees are something of a who’s-who of the city’s creative and inspiring women:  Marin Alsop, Doreen Bolger, Rheda Becker, Lynn Deering, Ethel Ennis, Nancy Grasmick, Leslie King-Hammond, Pat Joseph, Mary Ann Mears, Joyce J. Scott, Suzi Cordish and Leslie Shepard. And because no good gala is without a silent auction component, attendees will also be able to bid on works by regional artists.  (Check out the art up for auction at MAP’s website.) The cost:  $250 for the gala; $30 in advance/$40 at the door for the after party. It is a benefit, after all.

The event will also feature an exhibition of five MAP owned Grace Hartigans, pictured at right.

A film screening/panel! At 7 p.m., Towson University hosts a screening of the widely-acclaimed documentary Women Art Revolution!, followed by a panel featuring even more creative and inspiring female artists (Jenny Graf Sheppard, Laure Drogoul, Stephanie Barber, and Zoe Charlton) talking about feminism, art, and politics. The film itself has been described as a “secret history” of feminist art. This one is free.

If you figure out a way that we can attend both, let us know!

Marin Alsop Needs Your Help


As if we needed another example of Marin Alsop being the coolest lady in town, now she’s helping to organize WOW-Baltimore, a celebration of women’s achievements across all fields and “a fun, comfortable and creative space for conversation and mentorship.” Hosted by the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, the event will touch on everything from family life to health to financial literacy.

Don’t get too excited — it’s not actually going to happen until next spring (March 2012, to be exact). But Alsop and her fellow organizers want your input on how exactly the event should go down. They hosted a round of “Think-Ins” in September, and nearly 250 came. So they’re doing it again, with meetings taking place next week at Notre Dame, the Meyerhoff, and the Junior League of Baltimore (details, times, addresses here). “The subject matter will be determined by the experience in the room,” so get yourself in that room! (Men are welcome, too, of course.) Discussion, debate, event planning, Marin Alsop, and light refreshments — sounds like a dream come true.