Women! Art! Revolution! Gala!

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This Friday, November 11, you’ve got two chances to celebrate Baltimore’s wealth of artsy women and women artists:

A gala! Starting at 6:30 p.m. Maryland Art Place, our favorite non-profit promoter of contemporary art around these parts, hosts a swanky evening in honor of its thirtieth birthday, and in celebration of female artists who’ve made their stamp on Baltimore’s cultural landscape. The honorees are something of a who’s-who of the city’s creative and inspiring women:  Marin Alsop, Doreen Bolger, Rheda Becker, Lynn Deering, Ethel Ennis, Nancy Grasmick, Leslie King-Hammond, Pat Joseph, Mary Ann Mears, Joyce J. Scott, Suzi Cordish and Leslie Shepard. And because no good gala is without a silent auction component, attendees will also be able to bid on works by regional artists.  (Check out the art up for auction at MAP’s website.) The cost:  $250 for the gala; $30 in advance/$40 at the door for the after party. It is a benefit, after all.

The event will also feature an exhibition of five MAP owned Grace Hartigans, pictured at right.

A film screening/panel! At 7 p.m., Towson University hosts a screening of the widely-acclaimed documentary Women Art Revolution!, followed by a panel featuring even more creative and inspiring female artists (Jenny Graf Sheppard, Laure Drogoul, Stephanie Barber, and Zoe Charlton) talking about feminism, art, and politics. The film itself has been described as a “secret history” of feminist art. This one is free.

If you figure out a way that we can attend both, let us know!

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