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The Women’s Exchange Seeks Partners to Help Repurpose its Building Downtown

Photo via Women’s Exchange


The Women’s Exchange on N. Charles Street, once the site of a lunchroom known for its tomato aspic and chicken salad, has launched a new effort to find partners and affiliates to help repurpose its commercial spaces so it can carry on its mission to help women gain economic independence.

In ‘Married to Art,’ a Reflection on a Baltimore Artist’s Relationship with Her Craft

From Espi Frazier’s “Church Lady” series.

For career artist Espi Frazier, making art is more than a profession; it’s a long-term relationship.

Baltimore Women and Allies Band Together for ‘A Day Without a Woman’

A poster at Sandy’s on The Avenue.

Wednesday won’t be business as usual on Hampden’s bustling 36th Street, where female business owners plan are displaying vibrant flashes or red in their storefronts and holding events for women to speak out for their rights.

In Wake of Trump’s Victory and Looming Defunding Fears, Planned Parenthood of Maryland Sees Boost in Support

Planned Parenthood of Maryland staff and volunteers participating in this year’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Parade in Baltimore.

For better or worse, everything changed for Planned Parenthood of Maryland after Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016.

Sen. Cardin Joins Renewed Push in Congress to Adopt Equal Rights Amendment

Photo courtesy of Sen. Ben Cardin/Twitter

Maryland’s senior U.S. senator and a group of his Democratic colleagues are leading an effort in Congress to adopt a long-awaited constitutional amendment guaranteeing equal protections to women.

Homewood Exhibit Honors Women of Hopkins


Women of Hopkins

Rachel Carson documented the harmful effects of pesticides in Silent Spring. Mary Guinan eradicated small pox in India. Madeleine Albright served as America’s first female Secretary of State.

Adventures in Heels



catch of the day fish (2)Terrapin Adventures would like to remind us that “Ginger Rogers did every dance move Fred Astaire did but backwards and in heels!” Touche. And if anyone knows how to get us to dive into adventure head (and heels) first, it’s these folks. They regularly offer zipline and climbing courses, as well as opportunities for young people to get moving on days when school is out. But this one is adults only. It’s a special event to benefit Success in Style— giving women (and very daring men) the chance to explore the unique Savage Mill Mall in their favorite pair of pumps (we’re not sure if that part pertains to the men too), completing games, puzzles, challenges and activities similar to those in the TV show The Amazing Race.  

Networking Gala and Luncheon for Women


women in business

catch of the day fish (2)Ever since Lean In became a bestseller, the bar has been raised for women who fancy themselves business-minded go-getters. We’ve now got some good language and tools to help women make a go of it in the business world, and thankfully, we’ve also got fabulous events like the Women in Business Networking Gala and Luncheon to be held at Pimlico on Friday, May 16th. The actual lunch begins at 12:00 noon and tickets include the Networking Event, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Clubhouse Parking, Concourse Seat, Live Thoroughbred Racing, Infield Festival & Concert and Cash Bar. If this is what business networking looks like, sign us up!

Notre Dame Marks Anniversary With Special Documentary Screenings



In commemoration of the 180th anniversary of the School Sisters of Notre Dame, Notre Dame of Maryland University is screening Girl Rising, a film narrated by Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and others, that tells the stories of nine incredible girls across the globe.