2013 in Baltimore Women

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Via Somaroy
Via Somaroy

2013 was the year that caused BFB’s very own Marion Winik to ponder the “new Katy Perry kind of feminism.” Below, a few of the biggest moments for Baltimore women that took place over the past 12 months.

+After the Walters named Julia Marciari-Alexander as its new director, the three major art museums in Baltimore were each helmed by a woman. How’s that for leaning in?

+We learned that Baltimore is one of the best cities in the nation for singles… but also the fourth-worst spot for single women. Wait, what?

+A very fashionable female bank robber held up a bank in Landover, Maryland. Impressive color coordination skills!


+FORCE, the group of Baltimore feminists who famously pranked Victoria’s Secret last year, turned their attention to the Washington Mall, where they rallied in support of a national monument for survivors of rape and abuse.

Photo by Casey McKeel
Photo by Casey McKeel

+A two-day coding workshop for women aimed at rectifying the serious gender imbalance in the computer programming field came to Baltimore — and promptly sold out. Be on the lookout for a host of new lady-run tech start-ups in town any day now…

+Johns Hopkins professor Ann Finkbeiner came up with an innovative way to evaluate whether a particular piece of writing about a female scientist is sexist. So please stop asking physicists who happen to be women whether they plan on having children, okay?
+We learned that Maryland women earn $.85 for every $1 a white man makes — which is actually tied for the highest amount in the nation. Good news! (At least, until you start looking at the stats a little more closely…)

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