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Baltimore’s Weirdest, Smartest, Most Life-Saving Research in 2015



Every Friday, Baltimore Fishbowl recaps some of the most interesting research coming out of Maryland universities, hospitals, and other research institutes. Sometimes it involves psychedelic drugs; other times, prosthetic penises. Here are some of our favorite Baltimore-area research findings from 2015:

Cancer, Refugees & the War on Baltimore: The Year in Governor Hogan



Larry Hogan became the 62nd governor of Maryland in January 2015. His first year in office has been quite a doozy:

2013 in Baltimore Women

Via Somaroy
Via Somaroy

2013 was the year that caused BFB’s very own Marion Winik to ponder the “new Katy Perry kind of feminism.” Below, a few of the biggest moments for Baltimore women that took place over the past 12 months.

+After the Walters named Julia Marciari-Alexander as its new director, the three major art museums in Baltimore were each helmed by a woman. How’s that for leaning in?

+We learned that Baltimore is one of the best cities in the nation for singles… but also the fourth-worst spot for single women. Wait, what?

10 Reasons Why Johns Hopkins Had a Good Year


10) A billionaire gave them a bunch of money.


9) A different billionaire gave them a different bunch of money.


The Best Things I Learned This Year



All year long, I’ve followed the incredible science news coming out of Baltimore’s research universities. I’ve learned about the end of the world, broken hearts, and innovative new treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s. Here are some of the best things that I’ve learned in 2012 — some of them may surprise you!

Baltimore’s Heroes of 2012


It wasn’t all scandal and outrage in Baltimore this year; there were also plenty of amazing folks doing amazing things — and ordinary folks doing amazing things, too. From science prodigies to singing princesses to the police officer who adopted a “dangerous” dog, here are our Baltimore heroes of 2012:


Charlie and Kevin Hillery paraplegic


Charlie, the 10-year-old Calvert School fifth grader, who returned Midshipman Kevin Hillery’s hat following the traditional toss at the Naval Academy commencement ceremony.




 Jaylon Simpson (on the right), the undefeated champion of  the Baltimore Kids Chess League’s citywide tournament.

The Year in Scandal: From “Slave for a Day” to the Elmo Sex Drama



Oh, Baltimore. You’re a city of so many wonderful things (kaddo bowrani; Lower Dens; and Ray Rice — to name a few), but still you have so many problems. Our roundup of 2012’s biggest Baltimore scandals is below; let us know if we’ve forgotten anything juicy:

The Year in Baltimore-ness

Artwork by Jowita Wyszomirska

It’s been a long year, Baltimore. So long, in fact, that I’ve already forgotten many of the exciting/upsetting/utterly inexplicable things that took place in 2012. (The bronies! The ear-clone! John Waters hitchhiking!) And so, to trigger my memory (and yours!), I’ve rounded up some of my favorite stories from 2012:


We wondered if any local students still take the honor code seriously; examined Baltimore’s changing demographics; and visited our favorite local spot for spa-style pampering on a budget.


We peeked inside John Waters’s (amazing) Guilford house and cheered on a Goucher senior appearing on College Jeopardy!

The Latest Issue of Baltimore Mag is Out


The always fun and entertaining Baltimore Mag Editor Max Weiss talks about the December issue.