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Are You Overpaying For Electricity?

BGE’s new bill format is clearer. Green circle is electricity supply and delivery charges. The blue circle is natural gas.

Research suggests that while 83 percent of us are interested in our utility bill, only 17 percent understand our  bill. The average BGE customer pays $2,100 a year for electricity and gas. It turns out many needlessly overpay for home energy for two reasons: poor electricity and natural gas supplier switching choices and inefficient leaky homes.

Do you know how much a BGE kilowatt costs these days? Have you switched your electricity and natural gas suppliers? If you have switched suppliers for electricity or gas, are you getting a good deal? If you switched, are you inadvertently paying variable energy rates? If so, that can be risky because your rates are tied to energy markets. 

Grab your BGE bill, or better yet go online, and check out the tips below to help you read your bill. You may find some cash saving opportunities. Figuring out if you’re a heavy user may inspire you to check out energy efficiency ideas.  Save money, save energy, save the planet.