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Three $1M Powerball Tickets Sold in Maryland


Powberall ticket

Do you know any Powerball players in Frederick, Capitol Heights or Bladensburg?

Lucky Lady: Dundalk Woman Wins Maryland Lottery Twice in One Week

Photo via Maryland Lottery
Photo via Maryland Lottery

You know how they always say lightning doesn’t strike in the same place, and you can’t win the lottery twice in one week? Okay, fine, I made that second one up–plus, it turns out to be untrue, as Dundalk resident Michelle Fowler could testify.

On March 22, Fowler stopped at the BP station on Wise Avenue to buy $50 worth of lottery tickets for herself and her husband. She used her husband’s lucky quarter to reveal the first scratch-off was worth $100,000. One week later, the couple spent $50 on scratch-offs at a Royal Farms in White Marsh only to discover that they’d won an additional $10,000. And, yes, they used the lucky quarter that time, too.

Who Is Maryland’s Missing Millionaire?



Did you buy a lottery ticket from the 7-11 on Eastern Boulevard last month? If so, maybe you should double check to see if you picked 12-18-25-35-66, because somebody did, and won a million dollars–and hasn’t claimed the prize yet.

Maryland Lotto Brings Home the Bacon


The Maryland Lottery continues to bring home the bacon – for the 15th year in a row it saw an increase in sales. The Lottery brought in $1.795 billion during fiscal 2012, a seven percent rise from 2011. The state is trying to figure out how and why the lottery is doing so well, what they’re doing right so they can keep doing it.

Maryland Lottery’s Mega Millions Winning Ticket



Still no word on the identity of the Maryland Mega Millions Multi-Millionaire, BUT here is a picture of the winning ticket. The winner is a friend of a friend of a friend who, understandably, wants to keep his identity hush-hush.

That won’t last long…

UPDATE: It’s a prank.  The ticket was Photoshopped! Nice work though…