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Michael Phelps’s Comeback Brings Baltimore, Meadowbrook Back into the Spotlight



Even after  winning more medals than anyone else in Olympic history, Michael Phelps still proclaims himself a homebody– if by “home,” you mean Meadowbrook and the Baltimore suburbs. Phelps is in the early stages of his comeback, and instead of decamping for fancier or more well-known pastures (or pools, I guess), he’s sticking with the training facility–and the city–he knows and loves.

Swim Across America: Swimming to Raise Money and Awareness for Cancer Research


As home to the world’s greatest swimmer and the world’s greatest hospital, it’s no wonder that in its first year, Baltimore’s Swim Across America,  a fundraiser for cancer research through swimming- related events, set the record for the largest inaugural event in SAA history.  Raising over $400,000 and enlisting over 400 participants, the open water and pool swims were a huge success.  In year two, the swims grew, raising over $500,000 for the Swim Across America Lab at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins. The organizers hope to make the 2012 event, held this coming Sunday, Sept. 23, even bigger, and  it’s not too late to sign-up or support a team.

Does Michael Phelps Have His Groove Back??


Last week, Ryan Lochte had some brash words to say to ESPN The Magazine: “Once I beat someone, they won’t beat me again.”  That’s pretty bold talk.

Now that Baltimore’s Michael Phelps has beaten him in the final races in Omaha, will the rising star change his tune? One thing is for sure, we’ll see exciting races in London.

“It’s not like anybody completely counted Phelps out, after what he did in Beijing, but there was a definite sense that the legend had faded, and that Lochte was the new superstar. But over the past few days, it’s all coming back: the top form, the pressure performances, the dramatic finishes. The trials are over for Phelps, but he’s whetted the national appetite for what should be an incredible week at the Aquatics Centre in London,” writes Shane Ryan at ESPN’s Grantland.

See the races above and below, and read more at Grantland.