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Urbanite Magazine Will Close at the End of this Month


We were sad to hear the news reported by David Zurawik in the Baltimore Sun Friday night that Urbanite magazine will close at the end of the month.  The free monthly came on the scene about ten years ago and was a welcome addition to Baltimore media.  Its design by the talented Alex Castro, its talented writers and its wonky editorial voice made it standout in the crowd.

Baltimore Video: Tell The Story, Rule The World



Let’s say you run a business, a department, a bank, a television station, a team. You’re looking for an articulate and memorable marketing strategy, and you want a video to tell your story. One that’s not necessarily “corporate.” One that’s both more and less than a commercial — heart-warming, smart, attention-grabbing and effective. And God willing, it should go viral.

Who do you call to tell your story?  Baltimore-based Think Again Media’s catchy slogan, “Those Who Tell The Story, Rule The World” (Hopi proverb), sums up its approach to video production. The company released yesterday the above Calvert Investments-commissioned film, which was showcased on the national mall in Washington D.C., for Earth Day. Entitled, “Be Part of the Solution,” it articulates the importance of being sensitive to the environment in business.

Are You the Voice of Baltimore??


Advertising and marketing agency MGH is looking to cast the “Voice of Baltimore.”  Could it be you?

From the press release: “Ideal candidates must have a genuine Baltimore accent – not the one that comes out at parties – and possess a passion for our city and all its charm.” The casting call is open through April 30.

Other qualities the agency seeks in applicants include an outgoing personality and great sense of humor. If selected, the “voice” may be hired to appear in an advertising campaign for one of MGH’s clients. Interested applicants should visit www.thevoiceofbaltimore.com to apply.

“With our growing list of Baltimore-based brands as clients, we’re on the hunt to find the person with most genuine “Bawlmerese” accent and vibrant personality to match,” said EVP, Executive Creative Director at MGH, John Patterson. “Through this casting call, we hope to find a truly genuine Baltimore voice that could be used in future advertising efforts. We’re not looking for actors; we want to find the real deal.”

If you’re not the “real deal,” see the above video, “Top Five Baltimore Accents” made by our summer intern Arlo Shakur, to hear what a Baltimore accent should sound like.

Good luck!

It’s an Honor Just to Be Nominated


Have you heard of the Mobbies? Neither had we until a friend emailed to congratulate us on being nominated in the Best City Blog and Best New Blog categories. Mobbies = the “best blog” awards given by The Baltimore Sun. Here’s the weird thing though: You can vote for yourself, and often! The rules allow one vote per person every 24 hours, but voters have to be registered at The Sun.

We’re so happy to be nominated we won’t even feel embarrassed to vote for ourselves 100 times — or ask our dear readers to do so — even if it is just a ploy to drive traffic to The Sun’s website.

Vote for us? Save us some clicks. Here’s the link:


Here are the rules:

  1. To be eligible, a voter must be a registered user of baltimoresun.com.
  2. Vote for your favorites daily. Registered users get one vote per category per 24-hour period. You can also vote once each day for the best overall blog.
  3. Rankings are updated daily. The nominee who receives the highest number of votes in each category at the end of the voting period wins. 
  4. Voting on the Mobbies finalists will started Oct. 31st at 8 a.m. and will end Nov. 10th at 5 p.m. Winners, prizes and partying commence at Illusions Magic Bar on Nov. 15th at 5:30 p.m. Details here

Please excuse our shameless self-promotion and thanks.


Ellen Stops By Baltimore


“Baltimore — get to @TowsonU dressed as a creative character from any book, like the Cat in the Hat. Just don’t dress up as me. Ready?” talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted Wednesday afternoon; shortly thereafter — and despite the rain — around a thousand students and Ellen fans alike gathered on campus dressed as Pippi Longstocking and other literary luminaries.

DeGeneres has seized on new media to extend the reach of her show, and to help stage zany events around the country. The show’s producers have staged massive dance-offs and other flash-mob events. And while the host herself wasn’t there in the flesh, she did make an appearance via satellite. She hosted a contest, greeted her fans, and — presumably — was charming and funny.

Why Baltimore? Apparently, we’re one of the show’s biggest markets… and a producer is from here. Check out the cheering crowd of fans here.

Citybizlist Rewards Launches in Baltimore


In this day and age, it would be hard to find an internet user who doesn’t belong to a group deal site.  Most people belong to several; it’s easy to be lured in by their promises of grandeur and their seemingly insider info. We join because the concept is great and the potential deals are so tempting.  And yet, once you’ve joined, you realize that the deals are rarely applicable to you.  Yes, 50% off laser hair removal sounds great, but the drive back from York, PA sounds like it would be unpleasant.  Sure, that 50% off a bushel of crabs sounds nice, until you realize it’s only valid from November 30-January 30.  And, frankly, if we were going to skydive, we wouldn’t want to do it on the cheap.

Thankfully, an alternative to the woes of “horizontal” deals is coming to Baltimore.

Citybizlist, a site dedicated to bringing relevant local business news to business owners, executives, and professionals, is launching Citybizlist Rewards, a program that will offer deals their targeted demographic actually wants to use.

Edwin Warfield, CEO of Citybizlist, wrote in the launch email that the launch is “a tremendous step forward for readers and advertisers….Our fast-growing audience has demonstrated a passion for the quality business and financial content curated by our editorial team, and we believe they’ll be similarly excited by the deals we’re finding for them.” 

Warfield touches on a key point: the relationship between reader and advertiser is key in group sites.  With horizontal group sites, companies know that so many readers will see their offer and at least some of them will likely be interested.  The risk always looms that the deal won’t work.  Citybizlist solves this problem by offering relevant companies a pipeline to their target audience, and in doing so, offers its readers deals they actually want to use.  It’s a symbiotic relationship. 

“We’re offering a limited number of advertisers the chance to put their business in front of a very high profile audience of business executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals. We will be offering real rewards for our readers that you don’t see anywhere else; our philsophy is ‘you’ve worked hard, you’ve earned it, now enjoy yourself,’” says Warfield. 

Best of all, the program is launching in Baltimore, with additional cities to follow over the next year.  This month’s deals will include an overnight stay at The Inn at Black Olive in Fells Point, Custom-tailored suits by Victor Pascal, Easton’s Promise B&B, and more.  

The uncertain market for deal programs (local daily deals have had only modest success in Baltimore so far and Groupon is reevaluating the wisdom of preparing for its IPO), the new twist of Citybizlist Rewards could be just what we need.  Are you ready to make a deal?

Radcliffe Jewelers is Our Launch Sponsor


Thanks to Radcliffe Jewelers for being the launch sponsor of Baltimore Fishbowl.  We couldn’t make the site work without advertisers. (I can practically hear all the old media types groaning.) We are grateful to Radcliffe for being willing to be part of the adventure. We’ll be trying out some new ideas with Radcliffe, like videos and sponsored posts, so stay tuned.