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Baltimore is One Step Closer to a $15 Minimum Wage


HWCityHall500x334A debate about whether Baltimore should institute a $15 minimum wage has been percolating this summer. On Thursday, an official vote was taken at City Hall, but the process is not over yet.

Workers with Disabilities to Earn Full Minimum Wage in Maryland



The average Maryland resident with disabilities earns $4 an hour, less than half the state’s $8.25 minimum hourly salary. But thanks to a bill recently passed by state lawmakers, Maryland will soon be the second state in the country (after New Hampshire) to phase out what’s known as “subminimum wage” for workers with disabilities.

Maryland’s New Laws Are No Fun



Several new state laws went into effect yesterday, July 1. As far as I can tell, they’re mostly laws that will make Maryland a less fun place… except for Montgomery County, which will become slightly more exciting.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: My Worst Job Ever


bad_boss3Baltimore writer and UB undergrad Sarah Rayman describes her creepiest work experience to date — and what a wonderful truth she learned from the ordeal.

My friends were mixing cheap liquor with Mountain Dew and playing beer pong in Jeremy Sullivan’s basement. I was trapped at Bed, Bath & Beyond, ringing up the one person in Baltimore who felt the need to exchange a cartload of bathroom accessories for a $200 duvet cover at 9:59 on a Friday night.

Guess Who Opposes a Minimum Wage Increase in Maryland?


ten dollar bill

When a state considers an increase to the minimum hourly wage, it’s typically opposed by companies that pay minimum wage. The same largely goes for the current increase — from $7.25 to $10 — proposed for Maryland.

How Much Do You Need to Earn Just to Get By in Baltimore?


How much money would an average person with one kid need to just eke by — you know, with enough money for food and rent and health insurance, but no frills — in Baltimore? Take a wild guess:   $25,000? $35,000?