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Md. Historical Trust: Pugh Wasn’t Authorized to Remove Confederate Statues, Which Still Need to be Relocated

The empty base of the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell. Photo by Ethan McLeod.

Mayor Catherine Pugh didn’t follow governmental chain of command when she ordered several controversial Confederate statues be torn down this past August, according to the Maryland Historical Trust, which also acknowledged it’s still highly unlikely they’ll ever go back up in their original locations.

City’s Plan to Potentially Repurpose Confederate Statue Bases Leaves Artists Wary

Pablo Machioli’s “Madre Luz” sculpture knocked down on Aug. 17. Photo by Ethan McLeod.

Seeing his “Madre Luz” sculpture in shambles last month was difficult for artist Pablo Machioli. The day after Mayor Catherine Pugh had Baltimore’s controversial Confederate monuments removed, activists placed his work depicting a pregnant black woman, child on her back and fist raised, atop the empty base in the Wyman Park Dell that had held statues of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

City Seeks Ideas for Public Art to Place Atop Confederate Statues’ Empty Bases

The vandalized base of the Lee-Jackson Monument in the Wyman Park Dell. City work crews later scrubbed all the graffiti away.

Now that Baltimore has ripped out its controversial Confederate monuments, the city is soliciting ideas from the public for what should replace each statue on its vacant base.

Activist Smashes Plaque on Columbus Monument Using Sledgehammer

Still via Popular Resistance/YouTube

Activists last night went after another controversial monument in Northeast Baltimore, this time using a sledgehammer that caused some permanent damage.

City Council Moves to Destroy All Four of Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments

Monuments to Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson (left) and Supreme Court Chief Justice Roger Taney. Photos by C. Ryan Patterson of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts.

Baltimore’s statues honoring the legacies of bygone Confederate soldiers and leaders must go, city lawmakers decided Monday evening.