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Crustacean Invasion All Month Long at The Mt. Washington Tavern


The Mt. Washington Tavern is celebrating Crustacean Invasion all month long. Join us and indulge in a specialty menu highlighting crab, shrimp, and more. Get crabby with dishes like: Cajun Roasted Oysters, Soft Shells, Crab and Avocado Stack and more! Feast on all things crustacean this month at The Mt. Washington Tavern.

Kentucky Nights Bourbon Tasting Event Warms Up a Cold February at Mount Washington Tavern

Courtesy Mount Washington Tavern

Winter may be hard to endure, but cold weather can be forgotten when surrounded by warmth. This February, feel the radiance of a cozy restaurant, great food and body-warming, small-batch bourbon from craft distilleries. Pair that with the company of new friends and a feel-good fundraiser and you’re describing “Kentucky Nights Bourbon Tasting.”

National Cheeseburger Day



Cheeseburger Day

catch of the day fish (2)Surely, you don’t need our help remembering that this Thursday (Sept 18) is National Cheeseburger Day. Never mind that deeper research indicates that today is in fact National Double-Cheeseburger Day; we like to keep things simple. After all, we don’t have Double Turkey Thanksgiving or Double Chocolate Bunny Easter, right? Not that those ideas sound bad, now that we think of it… But in all seriousness, unlike Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, Cheeseburger Day doesn’t require buying a gift or card for the holiday’s honoree. Unless of course it’s a fancy new mustard or some grilled red onions.