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UPDATED: Bill, Baltimore’s Weather-Predicting Crab, Will Tell Us if Winter Is Coming After All…



Everyone knows you can’t trust a meteorologist for an accurate weather prediction. Do you know what you can trust? Baltimore Bill, the official weather-predicting crab.

For the past couple of years, Baltimore Bill has predicted the coming season by scuttling off his specially built crab platform and jumping into the Chesapeake Bay. Last year, Bill predicted an early winter, and sure enough, Baltimore saw its first snow in mid-November. The year before, he got it right as well. A 100% accuracy rate is better than any other weatherman, weatherwoman, or weathercrab we’ve ever heard of; it also handily beats out Punxsatawney Phil, who gets it right only about 39% of the time.

McCormick World of Flavors is Turning 1!



catch of the day fish (2)What happens when the local spice and flavor emporium has a birthday? Well, since these are the folks who help bring our kitchens and cuisine to life, they know how large of a role food plays in our celebrations, holidays, and in the ways that we nourish our family and loved ones every day. So a birthday party for McCormick’s World of Flavors will probably be pretty tasty—and with fun and flavor for all. The store’s first year is definitely one to celebrate.  Since opening, it has established itself as a flavor destination for Baltimoreans and tourists alike, hosting everything from holiday-inspired cooking demonstrations, to a Kids Recipe Challenge, and even monthly cooking classes. And we’ll be toasting all of that this Saturday, August 24th to help them celebrate.

Old Bay Brand Announces Emission-Reduction Plans


Old Bay display

Back in March, I bad-mouthed McCormick & Co. Inc.’s limited-edition Old Bay canisters and T-shirts that commemorated the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. I called them “awful” and “ugly.” But McCormick’s energy-conserving plans make we want to make amends.

By 2018, the Sparks-based spice company plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10 percent (from 2009 levels), water usage by 20 percent, electricity usage by 20 percent, and solid waste by 50 percent. The company also plans to make plastic bottles that are 25 percent lighter.

These Ugly Old Bay Tie-Ins Make Me Wish the Ravens Hadn’t Won the Super Bowl



McCormick is really killing my late-Ravens-Super-Bowl-win afterglow, here. The spice company that sells the locally adored Old Bay seasoning has finally figured out how they are going to cash in on the Ravens’ Super Bowl crown, and it’s awful. There is a new commemorative Old Bay canister that is an unholy alliance of the hyper-modern Ravens logo and the ubiquitous spice blend’s infinitely quaint design.

Winter’s on Its Way: Baltimore Crab Predicts Early Winter


Last week at the Inner Harbor, Baltimore Bill, the weather-predicting crab, forecasted an early winter. Bill walked a specially designed crab plank and headed right out to the bay and off to warmer climates. After all, he’s no snow crab.

OLD BAY is encouraging members of the public to weigh-in on Baltimore Bill’s prediction by liking OLD BAY on Facebook. Please visit www.facebook.com/oldbay.

The Voice of Baltimore Revealed, Hon


Marianne Handlir, a stay-at-home mom born and raised in Highlandtown, was revealed today as the winner of The Voice of Baltimore search and named the Voice of OLD BAY Radio. MGH, a local advertising and marketing agency, found Handlir after launching an open casting call in April to find an authentic Baltimore voice. Handlir’s voice is featured in two nostalgic OLD BAY radio spots that stir up Baltimore memories and points of pride. She is also helping Baltimoreans speak proper “Bawlmorese” on the soundboard of the OLD BAY Facebook page. Click on swords such as “water,” “ambulance” and “Druid Hill,”  to hear how to pronounce words like a true Baltimorean.  Hear her Voice of Baltimore, above.



Boston Dares Disrespect Baltimore with Planned Poe Statue

Baltimore's Edgar Allan Poe statue

So apparently, Boston has commissioned a statue of Edgar Allan Poe to be placed in, get this, Edgar Allan Poe Square. The statue will depict the author walking in the direction of his birthplace. Can you believe the nerve of these people?

Sure, Poe was born there and, yeah, his first book of poems was signed only “a Bostonian.” But Baltimore is where he was found wearing another man’s clothes stumbling around deliriously just before he died. And he’s buried here. Plus, we need this! Without Poe all we’ve got are Mr. Boh, the Utz girl and Old Bay (and some moderately tenuous claims on Tupac Shakur, Frank O’Hara, and David Byrne).

After viewing the statue design concept that accompanies the Sun article, I feel confident that Boston’s monument won’t hold a candle to Baltimore’s in terms of a certain physical attribute (ever seen our statue really close up?).

I only hope that this Boston thing won’t embolden Richmond and Philadelphia to try to steal Baltimore’s Poe crown. You’d think that naming your NFL team after a poem — A POEM! — would send a clearer message. Poe is ours!