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Michael Phelps Takes Baltimore on (Excellent) Emotional Rollercoaster: A Love Letter


Dear Michael,

When I read on Saturday that you’d come in fourth in the 400-meter individual medley, your first event in your last-ever Olympics, I have to admit I felt extremely something that starts with an s — sorry, stifled, ssss… Okay, sad. Briefly, but I felt it. This “S” emotion took me by complete surprise because I’m not a rabid sports fan nor a committed viewer of the Olympics even. And I’ve never been a faithful Phelps follower, despite finding it mildly intriguing that the often idiotic media has seen fit to celebrate U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte’s sex appeal as winning the competition over your own. (This type of superficial analysis couldn’t have helped your day-one morale, not that it wasn’t entertaining to read and weigh in on personally here at Baltimore Fishbowl.)

Does Michael Phelps Have His Groove Back??


Last week, Ryan Lochte had some brash words to say to ESPN The Magazine: “Once I beat someone, they won’t beat me again.” ¬†That’s pretty bold talk.

Now that Baltimore’s Michael Phelps has beaten him in the final races in Omaha, will the rising star change his tune? One thing is for sure, we’ll see exciting races in London.

“It’s not like anybody completely counted Phelps out, after what he did in Beijing, but there was a definite sense that the legend had faded, and that Lochte was the new superstar. But over the past few days, it’s all coming back: the top form, the pressure performances, the dramatic finishes. The trials are over for Phelps, but he’s whetted the national appetite for what should be an incredible week at the Aquatics Centre in London,” writes Shane Ryan at ESPN’s Grantland.

See the races above and below, and read more at Grantland.