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Baltimore’s Weirdest, Most Intense Weekend


bronycon_2012_mane_five__1_of_2__by_vulpine_jessica-d594t1k (500x375)

Did you feel an extra… something in the air in Baltimore this weekend? You’re not crazy–this weekend, our fair city was full of the high-pitched sound of tweens screaming in unison, as well the disconcerting sight of a bunch of adults dressed up like cartoon ponies. 

Ready for Your Morning Cry? Watch Johns Hopkins Pediatric Oncology Dance to One Direction


I’ve long thought that working in pediatric oncology (that is,  cancer treatment for kids) would be one of the saddest things in the world. But apparently not at Johns Hopkins Hospital, where doctors, nurses, patients, and staff wear clown noses, strum guitars, dance like maniacs, and race tiny race cars — at least according to the video above.