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Did you feel an extra… something in the air in Baltimore this weekend? You’re not crazy–this weekend, our fair city was full of the high-pitched sound of tweens screaming in unison, as well the disconcerting sight of a bunch of adults dressed up like cartoon ponies. 


Over the weekend, heartthrob boy band One Direction played M&T Bank Stadium, a show that a Baltimore Sun critic described as “well-oiled” but “not…wholly manufactured”; One Direction fans on Twitter were pretty much all like “I WAS CRYING SO HARD.”

Meanwhile, downtown also played host to BronyCon, the annual convention for (mostly adult) fans of the animated children’s show “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Baltimore has hosted the event, which is estimated to bring the city $5.5 million in revenue this year, since 2013. Attendees enjoyed Brony stand-up, whinnying sessions, and of course lots of intense cosplay.

While there’s no promise that 1D will return to Baltimore anytime soon, the Bronies have booked the Baltimore Convention Center through 2019–so we can look forward to at least a few more years of weird weekends in Baltimore.

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  1. Only one photo of BronyCon? I think people would be more interested in seeing a slideshow of everything than just one random group photo. Folsom Street Fest in SF has better pics and 80% of those in attendance are NSFW. We can do better right?

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