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Big Fish: Sharon Love on Relationship Violence, Her Foundation to End It, and Daughter Yeardley

Photo courtesy of Baltimore Sun.
Photo courtesy of Baltimore Sun.

On May 3, 2010, Cockeysville resident Sharon Love was eagerly anticipating the graduation of her 22-year-old daughter, Yeardley, from the University of Virginia. But early that morning, she received a knock on her door. On the other side of the door were police officers, who informed her that her daughter had been found dead. Yeardley’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, George Huguely V, would soon be arrested, charged with beating her to death, and sentenced to 23 years in prison. The murder of her daughter could have handed Sharon Love a life-sentence of personal grief. But she had bigger, better plans.

Shop in the Name of Love at Ruxton Station this Wednesday



catch of the day fish (2)Despite what the headline might have you believe, this isn’t just another hot tip about where to buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. “Shop in the Name of Love” is actually an event being held this Wednesday (the 13th) to help raise money for the One Love Foundation—the local foundation dedicated to the memory of Yeardley Love and to ending relationship violence. This Wednesday, the shops at Ruxton Station will be donating a portion of all purchases to One Love, helping advance that mission—and maybe even supplying you with some Valentine’s Day must-haves along the way.

Domestic Violence Symposium Aims to Break the Silence


From the outside, Leslie Morgan-Steiner‘s life looked enviable:  the daughter of a judge, Steiner had done stints at Harvard and the University of Chicago, and had a job in the fast-paced New York magazine world. When she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, her family and friends celebrated — and no one mentioned any of the signs that something was horribly wrong.

Updates in the Yeardley Love Murder Trial


You probably remember, but a quick overview of the facts:  The UVA lacrosse player and Notre Dame Prep grad was found dead in her Charlottesville apartment; her ex-boyfriend, George Huguely, admitted that he kicked in her door and shook her so hard that her head repeatedly hit a wall. But (according to Huguely’s lawyers), that’s not what killed her; instead, it was an irregular heartbeat from a combination of Adderall and drinking. Huguely’s lawyers won a pre-trial victory this week when the judge agreed to let them have access to all of Love’s medical records. The judge also banned cameras from the courtroom. Expect a lot more depressing news to emerge once the trial begins in February.

Meanwhile, Love’s family has set up a charity in honor of Yeardley. The One Love Foundation offers scholarships and other programs to “keep Yeardley’s spirit alive in others by promoting strength of character and service.” Next week, Notre Dame hosts a book reading with bestselling memoirist Kelly Corrigan (author of Lift and The Middle Place), with proceeds benefitting the foundation. And don’t forget about today’s Domestic Violence Symposium, which we told you about earlier this week.