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Baltimore Murals Added to Google Earth Collection

The street artist Nanook in process – photo by Martha Cooper.
The street artist Nanook in process – photo by Martha Cooper.

Over the past three years, Baltimore’s Open Walls project has livened up the city with murals painted on the sides (and fronts!) of city buildings.

Baltimore’s Best New Mural


Screen shot 2014-06-04 at 8.37.00 AM

Baltimore’s Open Walls project has brought muralists from as far as South Africa and Spain (though not very many women…) to decorate walls and facades all over Baltimore. One of my favorite so far is the brand new Love Letter Baltimore by Brooklyn painter Steve  Powers.

New Dan Deacon Album in August: America



That’s right, Baltimore, Dan’s back and he’s announced the release of his next album, courtesy of Domino Records. America is scheduled to come out in North America August 28, though amusingly the rest of the world gets it the day before.

In the album release announcement, America is described as “a portrait of anger, confusion, and apocalyptic anxiety over corporatism and war, but one that finds consolation in the geography of the United States and in recent social movements both domestic and international.”

Dan performed Last Friday at the grand finale of the Open Walls mural project in Station North, where he (may have?) showcased some of the songs off his new album. Throughout the set, he reminded the crowd that they weren’t there to support the event’s corporate sponsors, but to celebrate their city and its art. America‘s themes land close to home for Baltimore.

Here’s the tracklist, confirmed by Domino Records:

1. Guilford Avenue Bridge
2. True Thrush
3. Lots
4. Prettyboy
5. Crash Jam
6. USA I: Is a Monster
7. USA II: The Great American Desert
8. USA III: Rail
9. USA IV: Manifest