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CSAs from Local Farmers



catch of the day fish (2)Garrison Keillor (whom we consider a trustworthy source on most things) once quipped that , “sex is good, but not as good as fresh, sweet corn.” We’re not sure exactly where we come down on that one, but certainly there are times when it’s a tight race. And now that the ground has thawed and things are beginning to bloom, you may want to consider reserving your weekly allotment of fresh, sweet everything from one of the many local farms that offer season-long Community Supported Agriculture shares, or “CSAs.” If you live in Baltimore, there are plenty of options for joining a CSA, including One Straw Farm—providing sustainable produce with a responsible ecological footprint, and whose booth at the farmer’s market is always packed with interesting varieties and tons of shoppers. Other options include the Real Food Farm, and 5 Seeds Farm & Apiary.

Foodie Celeb Alice Waters Stops by Baltimore School Garden This Week (Recipe Included)


It would be easy for Alice Waters, the celebrity-chef owner of Chez Panisse and godmother to the organic/local food movement, to spend her days sniffing over heirloom eggplants and other organic delicacies at Berkeley farmers markets. Just like it would’ve been easy for Jennifer Crisp to continue her career as a chef in California, home of the country’s most discerning foodies. But “easy” isn’t necessarily what these women are interested in — which is why you’ll find both of them with their hands in the dirt this week, helping expand one struggling Baltimore City school’s nascent garden program.