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Pabst goes back to the nostalgia well to push more Natty Boh

Photo via National Bohemian

The Los Angeles-based Pabst Brewing Company announced yesterday that it is going to milk the National Bohemian cow until it is dry, i.e. it is releasing the first new Natty Boh beer in 30 years.

Natty Boh Wasn’t Sold to Russians, After All


natty_bohBaltimore already saw beloved local brew National Bohemian leave town years go. But earlier this fall, the town was shocked all over again when news came through that ownership of Mr. Boh was decamping for Russia. Well, turns out the deal to sell Natty Boh’s parent company to a Russian company.

Natty Boh Sells to Russian Company



Mr. Boh looks East.
Mr. Boh looks East.

As Baltimore’s craft beer scene continues to grow, it seems the city’s old one-eyed brewing standby is only getting further away. First, National Bohemian was sold to Pabst. As a result of another blockbuster beer biz deal inked last week, Natty Boh will be controlled by ze Russians.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, Pabst will be sold to Russia-based Oasis Beverages, sending Natty Boh’s headquarters a long flight away from its Southeast Baltimore home.