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Beautiful, Personal Gift of Art by Liza Matthews


24 x 24
Oil, acrylic and charcoal on wrapped canvas
By Liza Hathaway Matthews

photo 1

Local artist Liza Matthews was one of our featured artists in 2012. The MICA-trained painter’s complex yet harmonizing works of art add visual interest to any interior.  See more of Liza’s work on her Facebook page, or read about the artist and her art here.



Pigtown Design: The Portraits


I have a new job and part of what I am doing is writing the history of medicine in Maryland.  As you might have noticed, I like history, historical houses, antique furniture and old things. So this job is perfect.

I work in a building built in 1909 specifically for our organization.I am surrounded by old books, including the four-story “stacks” library. Old books are everywhere, in fact. I found several books printed in 1724 on the shelves in my office.image

The Power of the Abstract: Mayte Guzman and Beatriz Simon at Renaissance Fine Art Gallery



Renaissance Fine Art Gallery

catch of the day fish (2)There are art galleries and then there are Art Galleries. And we’re not here to cast judgments on one versus the other. After all, so many of our now-revered masters died long before receiving serious recognition or seeing their works on the walls of Respectable Institutions. And besides, the whole point of art (sorry if we’re getting a bit heady for a Tuesday) has more to do with expression and beauty than it does with status and who’s who. As Picasso once said, “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” And whether it’s on a museum wall or a refrigerator door, that’s what we’re looking for, right? In which case, it’s worth penciling in a visit to Renaissance Fine Art Gallery’s upcoming show—(more toward the museum wall end of the spectrum, to be sure).

Crystal Moll Gallery Holiday Show—6 Painters Painting


Crsytal Moll Gallery Baltimore

Baltimorecatch of the day fish (2) may be known to outsiders as the setting for the less-than-highbrow films of John Waters or as the city with a rich tradition of painted window screens. This is great stuff to be celebrated for sure—but it doesn’t exactly scream “Taste! Sophistication! Art with a capital ‘A’!” But the fact is, we are a fairly cultured city. We’ve got amazing museums, a thriving arts underground, and lately it seems you can’t throw a rock (or a crab-cake for that matter) without hitting a gallery. So during the holiday season, why should we settle for Norman Rockwell-style images of Santa beamed into our city from afar? Why not take in some amazing artwork by local painters that celebrates the holidays in Baltimore?

Off the Wall at Whole Foods

Allegory of the Element Earth by Leandro Bassana

Last month we told you about The Walters Art Museum’s program to bring reproduced classic paintings to Baltimore’s main streets and outdoor spaces in November.  Here’s one at Whole Foods and we can report that it is having its intended effect: everyone’s stopping to look.